Tuesday, February 28

Ready to Pop

"She's Ready to Pop" was the theme of Rebecca's baby shower. It was very fitting for the way she feels right now too. We started with these invitations from this etsy shop.
We decided to stay with the Pop theme so we had a Popcorn Bar & Cake Pops.

My dad cut some 2x4's for me to build a display for the pops
We had four different choices of popcorn: Movie, Cheddar, Reeses, and Party Popcorn with marshmallow, m&ms and pretzels. 

We offered Soda Pop and Diet Soda Pop

I ordered the chevron popcorn bags and paper straws from here.
We used this sign on the door in place of a wreath

 The party turned out so cute and Rebecca is one step closer to popping the baby out!

Monday, February 27

Lots of Love Weekend

This past weekend I went home to help throw a baby shower for Rebecca. From the time I pulled into town I was busy visiting everyone. 
I first met Mema at the nail salon 
I spy DaddyCurt in the back getting a pedi, fun times with the family at the salon.
After my nails were dry, I rushed home to meet Jenna and Jude to get some baby love.
haha this one makes me laugh
As soon as they left dad talked me into going out to the Lions Club to grab dinner.
sidenote: If you don't know what the Lions Club is don't worry you're not missing out on anything.
They were having a Fiesta...and somehow I had to wear a sombrero.
I guess that was my payback for what I was about to make dad do...
help me make Cake Pops for the party.
72....The fridge was full. Dad was such a big help 
and here is what the final pops looked like.
The Baby Shower turned out so cute and Rebecca got a ton of fun gifts.
It was nice to see my high school girls again.
Me, Callie with Wren, Kelley preggo with Wilkes, Becca about to pop with Wilder 
and Jenna with Jude 
After the party I went to visit my grandparents and they loved the cake pops
Dad and I went to a nice dinner at Daffneys and called it an early night. 
On Sunday I made one more stop by my grandparents and got to see my cousins baby, Finley.
A weekend filled with lots of baby love!
I jumped from place to place but it was so good to see so many friends and family. 
More details on the baby shower tomorrow!
Oh and if you are curious, my mom was out of town with some girls and wesley decided a weekend of golfing in Auburn sounded better than a baby shower. 

It was nice getting to have a daddy-daughter weekend too!

Tuesday, February 21

24 Carat GOLD

Happy Fat Tuesday!
We celebrated this past weekend, not really for Mardi Gras but for Wade's birthday. 
We started with dinner at Eclipse di Luna and then headed to the Gold Room.
Kate got a table for our group and we danced all night long.

Wade and his friends 

Kate, me, and whitney 
 Wade and Sarah the other birthday guest

At the end of the night guess who were the last ones dancing?
The oldest of the bunch...wesley, whitney and myself had more fun than any of the young bucks!
We still got it!

Thursday, February 16

Playing like Kids, Working like.....

A couple weekends ago my whole family came to visit us in Atlanta to see our new house. We were so excited to have everyone here and finally get to exchange christmas with my nephews. 
We got the boys McDonalds food and cash register. They loved it; took our orders all weekend!
Jack was thrilled to hug Poppi
We went to dinner at our favorite pizza place Fucco di Napoli and watched them making the pizzas.
Me and Gigi reading them books before bed.
Saturday we got up and went for a long walk around our new neighborhood. We stopped at the park and all played like little kids.
Wesley and Russ jumping off the swings

Russ doing a flip
Look who came to play....Reese!

We continued the playtime at home...maybe we like playing with these two guys a little too much.
Playing a little game of jump over my head!

Cornhole winner!
Swinging with Jack and Russ

So much playtime we needed to check Jack out to make sure he was okay
 We celebrated Russ' birthday Saturday with ribs and cake!

 I am loving my chalkboard wall
 And the best part was all of the help with so many projects!

 All the boys helped Dad put together my built-in for my laundry room.
Mom and I tried to tackle the yard

 Krissie and the boys washing my awning
 Chris making me a picnic table!
 Wesley & Dad repairing my wall
 Whew! I had a lot of hardworkers and I am so grateful!
Here we are on Sunday enjoying my new picnic table before everyone headed home.