Friday, March 29

Under Contract

Yep! You are seeing this right. Our first home is now under contract. 

Here is the story if you don't know...
During Christmas, Wesley took a new job and we are having to move. I am not going to lie, I was really upset and sad for a while. We had only been in our house for one year and we had done so much to it to make it our home. I had planned my baby's nursery there, made good friends in the neighborhood, and couldn't imagine not being a part of Atlanta anymore. I had to tell the family that I have been nannying for 5 years that I was leaving, which was the hardest of all (most of you know how much my kids mean to me). Can you believe all of this was happening while I am pregnant? 
Emotional would probably be an understatement. 
After a month or so I had to put on my good wife hat and change my outlook on the situation. Wesley is really excited about this new opportunity and it will allow me to be a full-time mom to Hampton.

Where? Where are we going?
Columbus, Ga!
I dont think columbus, ga is what Kate Spade meant by this, but hey!

Now, neither of us know a lot about Columbus, but we are excited for the new adventure in our lives. We are going to rent a house there for a year and then see what we want to do. We may love Columbus and stay, or move up the road to Auburn, or somewhere else in his territory. I am just so glad to have a place to take baby Hampton once we leave the hospital. 

It was so much fun to share a recap of our Home Tour with you. I wanted to show you one last time our home before we are gone. We listed the house and 6 days later we were under contract!!! What a relief for this pregnant lady. 
We feel like God is truly watching over us.

I guess before we know it we will be making our second house a home and I will be able to share all of our progress with you again. 

Thursday, March 28

Behind the Scenes: Laundry Room

Our laundry room is a great size and really a bonus in an older home.


 My dad made the piece to cover my washer and dryer, I LOVE IT! 
That is it! Our whole house recap! I have enjoyed showing you the behind the scenes tour.

Wednesday, March 27

Behind the Scenes: Guest Bath

Do you remember this room? Uhhh! Gold walls, bad mirror...Terrible! 

We (mainly my dad) added the board & batten, painted, changed the mirror and lighting, and cut the storage door to add the shelving above. I don't have a lot of bright paint in my house, and this was a great way for me to get some color without the whole room being loud. I love how fun this bath is for our guests! 

Tuesday, March 26

Behind the Scenes: Guest Room 2

This room is a great size and for some reason ended up being the last room we finished. Well I wouldn't say finished, it is still a work in progress. 
This photographs like a great gray color, but it was a green. And again the blinds must go!
The nook became Wesley's office space. We got the desk from Pottery Barn and I used Rub n' Buff to change the hardware to gold. 
The window behind the bed was covered by this headboard, which was a tri-fold screen from World Market. I need to get two bedside tables and want to add sconces on either side of the headboard.
 We painted this room White Dove too!
 I got the rug from a sidewalk sale and the long pillow from Anthropologie. 
I love how clean and slightly girly this room turned out.

Monday, March 25

Behind the Scenes: Guest Room

This room is the only room in the house we haven't painted. Yes, it needs it but we were waiting to make this the nursery for baby Hill.

Sorry this is bad quality
 We used curtains to hide the one off center window behind the bed. I got the mirror and the fabric at the end of the bed from...guess where.....SCOTTS! 
I got the wooden piece above from Home Goods, that was a major score!
We also took down the ceiling fan and replaced it with a custom fixture I had made at Scotts too!
I think this made a cozy room for our never-ending guests.

Friday, March 22

Behind the Scenes: Kitchen & Dining

The Kitchen in our house put it nicely...not my style! I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. 
Here is the list: Floors, cabinets, hardware, appliances, lighting, paint....Do you see how far the refrigerator sticks out from its built in box??
view looking into our dining area
 Ahhhh ...White! I just love white! We changed the floor, added the subway tile backsplash, changed the lighting, took out that built in box and replaced the fridge with a counter-depth, changed the hardware, painted, moved cabinets around...whew! We also added one of our favorite things the chalkboard wall. 

view from our dining area

I had the marble table made from dealers at Scotts, got the settee from World Market, chairs from Home Decorators Collection, artwork from a friend, lighting from Ballard Designs...

This china cabinet I found at 14th Street Antique Market here in Atlanta. 

Hope you have enjoyed the recap of our Home Tour this week. More to come next week. 

Thursday, March 21

Behind the Scenes: Master Bath

Our master bath needed some help. The cabinet was white and gross, the mirror was horrible, and the walls needed a fresh coat.

 We changed the paint color, mirror, added storage above the door,
 and painted the bottom of the cabinet a deep gray. 
These little changes really opened up this small space. I love the new cabinet color!

Wednesday, March 20

Behind the Scenes: Master Bedroom

The master bedroom wasn't so bad. Again, it needed a new paint color and new blinds.
 We have always felt lucky to have two closets.

We painted the walls Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers
and added new blinds and our furniture.

Even my closet got a makeover with the help of the Container Store

Up Next: Master Bath

Tuesday, March 19

Behind The Scenes: Living Room

I am excited to show you our living room before and after today. Also, check out What's on my Vanity over at It's Like This. I was thrilled Meredith asked me to participate. 

 The walls were a dull cream and the blinds were horrible!

 With a little love and a new paint color we made this into a space we love.
 I got the wingbacks and the coffee table at Scotts Antique Market
 The sconces are from Pottery Barn, the accent chair was a thrift store find, the tall mirror is from Ikea and it got a makeover too. I scored the blue stool from Scotts too!

I had the coffee table and the console below made from a dealer at Scotts. 
I got the mirror from a friend and the lighting from World Market. 

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