Friday, April 29


In honor of the Royal Wedding I chose this beautiful home on Sugarloaf Club Dr.
A Prince & Princess would fit right in here.
A grand entrance

This table seats 18 people...surely a royal dinner could be held.
A bedroom fit for a King
Check out this formal sitting room
and this could totally be Prince Williams office.

I didnt wake up at 4:00am to watch the Royal Wedding, but I did get to see Kate in her beautiful classic gown and Prince William kiss. Thats the best part anyway right?

Thursday, April 28

Little Princess

I just had to share how cute Reese looked for her school Easter party last week. I was in heaven dressing her up to go hunt eggs.

And since the Royal Wedding is tomorrow, I will share how Reese dresses like a princess the rest of the time.
Who needs a prince?

And here are my 2 favorite little girls. Reese & Pruit!
All you need is a dress & heels to feel like a princess!

Tuesday, April 26

Easter Sunday

Wesley & I spent the weekend in Cordele. We were so lucky to have spent Easter Sunday/Wesley's Birthday with both of our families together.
After Church Pictures

Mom cooked a huge meal for us to enjoy and then we were off to Atlanta to meet up with friends to have another celebration dinner at Mosaic.

Happy Birthday to Wesley & Lauren!

Thursday, April 21

How Dare He

So I just have to brag really quick on my sweet husband. Yesterday he walked in with a card and a box of Skinny Cow Ice Cream.
I thought it was so sweet and then I read the card and he had handwritten me a note that said he was taking on my DARE to write someone. I melted; not only did he read my blog (points) but he actually took on my dare (more points) AND added ice cream (major points).

It was exciting to know someone took on the dare. I hope some of you did too and I hope it made you feel good inside and maybe even some of you received something handwritten.

Wednesday, April 20

Lilly Pulitzer Home

Kate told me about this ottoman and then I open my Real Simple magazine and there it all its beauty.

An ottoman with shoe storage inside? Genious! Wish I had a closet big enough to hold this guy.
This little piece of gold is made by Lilly Pulitzer; I have seen a ton of Lilly Home items floating around the blog world and I'm liking it!

Monday, April 18

Boot Scoot & Boogie

Saturday afternoon a couple of us headed to a concert to start celebrating Wesley's birthday! The Band Perry, Luke Bryan & Tim McGraw were playing at Lakewood Amphitheater. We packed up the coolers and a tailgate and parked on the second row!
The boys took full advantage of goin' country.
In case you need clarification: the wardrobe was sponsored by wranglers and YES that is an indian riding a horse with 2 wolves howling on trent's shirt.
wade, kate, trent, alyssa, me, wesley
Birthday Boy blowing out the candles... 27 baby!
Trent's shirt made me laugh every time I looked at him.
The concert was a blast! Wesley is ready to keep the birthday celebration going!

Friday, April 15


I saw this house featured in Atlanta Homes Magazine and loved it all!
I love how she used matching chests, mirrors and lamps on either side of the fireplace
instead of built-ins.
I love the painting, plants, and simplicity!
I love the huge boxwoods
I love the blue walls, the gold accents, the flirty chair covers, the chandelier, the table, and the little peep of the other room to the right!
I would love to see the outside of this one.
Hope you all have a LOVELY weekend!

Thursday, April 14

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Check out this leaning mirror
beautiful right?
Well its not just a beauty... it opens into a dream jewelry box
Cant believe it?
Here is a closer look. Wouldn't you just love to organize all of your jewels here?
Put this on my "Next House" List

Monday, April 11

Double Dare You

Not too long ago I received a hand written card in the mail from a friend. Inside were sweet words of how important our friendship is and how much I mean to her. It made me so happy and it felt so good to know she had taken the time to sit down and write those words for me. I will save it forever!
Write someone a handwritten letter. We have gotten to be so dependent on cell phones, texts, and email that we forget how good it feels to give or receive hand written letters. So please take a couple minutes and $0.44 to send someone...anyone a letter this week. It can be about anything, what your up to, what your kids are up to, just catching up, we got a new dog, yadda yadda. You get it now...DARE ya!

Friday, April 8


Here is a beautiful brick home on Habersham Road. 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 4 half baths, Wine Cellar, Sauna, do you need anything else?

I think this room could hold a table long enough to seat EVERYONE

Love this little breakfast nook
One word...chandeliers