Monday, October 29

Scarf Art

We recently painted and quickly decorated our third bedroom. I am loving how it is turning out, but I really needed to get some art on the walls. I love the look of abstract paintings. I knew I wanted an abstract look but wanted to change it up a bit. I went to Anthropologie and found this beautiful colorful scarf...and it was on sale!
The scarf was huge!
Immediately my wheels started turning. Did I want to frame it? Press it in between acrylic sheets? Wrap it around canvas? With the help of my mom, I decided to mod podge it onto canvas. 

I painted the canvases a beige so they would pop against the white walls. (A little wine with paint is good for you...right?) Then I cut the scarf to fit just inside the edge of the canvas and applied the mod podge. 

I love this DIY art. The best part is the scarf was so big, even after cutting the pieces, I can still wear whats left!!! I will share some pics of the room soon. 

Thursday, October 25

October Recap

You probably think I have been giving you the silent treatment or decided to live under a rock, but we have been on the go and when we are at home I have been neglecting my computer and tuning into the big black box. Yep, TV has gotten all my attention lately. I have been catching up on the first season of wonder it got all the awards! Even though I have been lazy during the week, we have had lots to do on the weekends. 
We have been to Alabama to a hunting camp with a group of friends. The boys had a dove shoot while the girls went through Ashely's bootcamp.

The next weekend we traveled to Cordele for our 10 year High School Reunion. 
Wow! It was a blast to catch up with so many people. 
Here is a picture of us from our yearbook. 
 And here we are 10 years later...

We went to the CCHS Football game Friday night
and got together again on Saturday night. 
 Some of the senior cheerleaders
 Some of my best friends

Last weekend we drove down to Lower Alabama, some like to call it LA, for a friends wedding.
Ray and Mary Michael tied the knot!

The wedding was beautiful, the bride gorgeous, and the groom was the happiest guy I've ever seen. 
Me and the girls. 

See we have been busy bees tearing up the pavement and we're not even done. This weekend we are going to charlotte to visit my family. I promise I still have more house pictures to show.

Monday, October 1

Way Cool Wellies

Since it is raining outside I thought I would share my favorite rain boots right now. 
I am dying over these cute wellies by Joules
They have so many great colors and styles and I love the one with the bow on the back!

Of course there is Hunter boots. You can always go original, but check out these styles that really amp up the rainboot fashion statement.

Wedges, riding boots, and if you don't want to commit to the knee height how cute are those slip ons?

And for those of you who don't want to pay an arm and leg for some cute wellies 
Target saves the day!