Tuesday, March 30

What Is That?

I love tearing out recipes from magazines and trying one new recipe a week. I tore out this recipe a while back from Cooking Light but kept skipping over it because of the ingredients, Turnip and Parsnip, I mean I didn't even know what to look for in the grocery store. I finally got up the courage to make this yummy looking dish and headed to the store. I looked at every tag in the produce section three times and finally swallowed my pride and asked the worker to help me. Once I had the weird looking veggies I went home to try this out.

Once I figured out how to cut and peel them, I was on a roll. So here is the final product

This recipe tasted just like potatoes and cheesy potatoes at that. I will be making this again and now I know right where to go to get my new veggies!

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