Tuesday, July 30

Take a Seat

As you can probably imagine, the shopping here in Columbus is...well I will just say...scarce.
I am still trying to learn my way around and find some cute places. 
Alot of the places people told me about have closed so that leaves me with 
good ole Marshalls and TJ Maxx.

Here are some great deals I found at 
and some beautiful photos to show you how to get the look with these finds.

They had so many chairs to choose from
aren't these barstools pretty? For $129
There were only two, but who says you need three stools?
Here is another look with the same style

 This little french chair came in this grey linen
 and this neutral linen. They are priced at $99!
 You can get this same look
or this...

 These little wooden chairs caught my eye at $99
looks a lot like the end chairs here
and these
oh sorry I am getting carried away. I just love these, don't you? 

 These linen upholstered chairs had oversized nail heads to give them an edge. 
At $149 these would be perfect end chairs to a dining table.
or you could add them around the whole table
dont we all love this room??

 I think this chair in the navy would be so cute as a desk chair
kinda like this...
I know you can't get the true amazingness of this little stool but it was perfect for a bath. Chrome base with a white leather cushion. I wish I had a place to put it. And it was on clearance for $59.
 Every bathroom needs a fabulous stool like this

 I mean I am starting to second guess my decision to leave without it. I could always put it in storage until the perfect bath comes along...right?
I have no where to put any of these beauties, but if you see something you have to have let me know and I will be happy to help you score a deal!

Monday, July 29

Must See Magazine

In the July/August issue of House Beautiful I thought there were a couple things you shouldn't miss

This 800 square foot apartment in New York. 
I love how girly it is and all of the patterns mixed together.
It is minimal but still feels comfortable and lived in. 
I love the dark trim under the nail heads on the armchair. I found out that is called a gimp!
It makes the chair a little more interesting. Gotta do this.

On the other side of the living room is this cute desk and sitting area. I am slightly in love with that diamond fabric on the settee and the chair above.
and one more from this chic space is the kitchen. 
Would you dare add zebra wallpaper?
Looks cute here!
In another Manhattan apartment I loved how the furniture is arranged. 
Nothing is flush against the four walls, instead Kelly Giesen created her own lines and seating area with the help of this curved couch.

 I also couldn't help but notice all of the trim work done in the space. I love the detail on the top cabinets in the kitchen, and on the doors of the closets.
In this monochromatic kitchen my must see is the roman shade.

 This cute cabinet from IKEA
I also think this mini outlet bluetooth speaker would be a great gift!

Friday, July 26

Bringing Home the Baby

I promise this blog isn't going to turn into a baby blog, but there is a lot to catch you up on. 
We stayed in the hospital for two nights and were begging to be sent home. We were ready to have our new little family in our new little home. 
Here are some of our first pictures at home.  

The new grandparents were so happy to get their hands on him.

 Aunt Whitney wasn't going to miss out 
 Even Hampton's great-grandparents came to get some baby love
 I know photo overload, but I can't help it

 He slept most of the day in the beginning, so when is eyes were open we were scrambling for the camera to capture those baby blues. 

Hugs and Kisses! 
Hope you have a lovely weekend.