Wednesday, June 30

Pretty Pillow

I just love my pretty orange pillow from yesterdays post. This was originally a scarf I got in New York at Oilily.

I immediately knew I wanted this to be a pillow. So I had it made and saved the rest of the fabric to wear as a scarf!

This hand embroidered beauty makes me happy everyday! The two blue pillows on the couch are from Pottery Barn.

Tuesday, June 29

Apartment Living

So Wesley & I have decided to re-sign our lease at our apartment. YAY! I really am so excited, I did not want to move and we aren't ready to have the OTP (outside the perimeter) life. So no more procrastinating projects! I am going full force ahead with decorating. This is one project I have been DYING to do, and could never get enough motivation to do it not knowing how long we would be staying there. Of course, APARTMENT LIVING= NO PAINTING!!! UHHH!
I woke up Saturday on a mission and now DONE!

Really crazy I dont have a true before pic, but here is the start of the project.
I bought a HUGE roll of contact paper from Home Depot and cut the size stripe I wanted.

Then started at the ceiling and added stripe by stripe

I had lots of helpers!

We measured and marked and went again.




I have an idea for the wall over our couch, it might take a little while to get it together, so you"ll have to check back to see my progress.

Friday, June 25


I had to take two pictures of this house because of the tree, I didnt want any part of the house to be missed.

I love the stacked stone garage. This house can be found on The Prado.
What a cool name for your street, that would look good on an invitation.
Mr & Mrs Hill
22 The Prado
Atlanta, Ga 30305

Thursday, June 24

Wedding Weekend

I know, I know you all are waiting for the wedding weekend recap. Well here it is...
Friday night the Rehearsal Dinner was at The Moores Mill Golf Club in Auburn, AL. So beautiful and here is the happy couple. Adam & Erin!

The boys received knives from Adam as groomsmen gifts. They were so excited!

That night we had to go visit Sky Bar and re-live our college days in the back room on the dance floor.
The Wedding was beautiful at First Baptist Opelika Church and of course Erin (as always) looked AMAZING! The bridesmaids wore navy short dresses and carried a bouquet of white flowers. It looked very crisp and clean.

Adam was the happiest groom I have ever seen. He loves her so much. SO MUCH that on their first dance she got him to do the Dirty Dancing dance. Yes, you read right, the whole thing even the lift. It was so awesome. I was hoping that someone would put it on youtube so I could include it, hence the thursday posting.

The rest of the night was one BIG party. So many young people, so much wine, and lots of dancing.

I am guessing this was "SHOUT"

Purple was the color of the night

We sent them off and now they are in Mexico! Congrats!!
It was a great wedding and I cant wait to see the rest of the professional pictures. (I'll let you know)

Wednesday, June 23



Just thought this news was SO UNBELIEVABLE I had to share!

Monday, June 21

LULU's Look-a-Likes

A friend recently told me about this online shop I cant believe I didn't know about this until now. They have some really cute clothes for really good prices. They are also known for having "knock-offs" and some look really close to BCBG designs. Can you tell the difference in this one?


Similar cute print



They made this same dress for $334 but I couldn't find it anywhere, but this one is pretty close to the same design too.

You should check it out.! Happy Monday!

Sunday, June 20

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to our wonderful dads! We are so lucky to have such amazing and encouraging dads to look up to!

Thursday, June 17


I drive by this house every morning of the summer and just love it! I tried to get a pic without the cars but hey the PORCHE just fits right in! This house is located on Peachtree Circle.

Wednesday, June 16

Friend of a Farmer

Last week my friend Rebecca Hall sent up some fresh produce from their garden. It was so cute all individually bagged and labeled for me. The cucumbers are delish, and I cant wait to look up a recipe for the Hot Cherry Pepper.

I have so far made some homemade salsa with the tomatoes and green pepper.

A big thanks to the Halls!

Tuesday, June 15

Crown My Cousin

This week my beautiful cousin Laura Lyn McLeod is competing in the Miss Georgia Pagent as Miss University of Georgia. I wanted to wish her good luck on everything, cross your fingers that she is the winner!!!
GO LL!!!

Monday, June 14

Antique Awesomeness

Friday Mom and I went to Scotts Antique Market, one of our favorite places to be. It comes to Atlanta every second weekend of every month. Rain or Shine, Snow or 96 degree heat! We found so many awesome things like....

How cute would this table be in between two chairs...look the sides pull out to just the right spot for some magazines.

LOVE these recovered chairs!

Mom walked away with this beauty...Longhorns

and I just had to get some of this fabric

How pretty is this vintage dress...Rehearsal Dinner anyone??

I want this hanging in my house...

these on my couch...

and this on my wall

This WILL BE mine actually

and how awesome is this stuff...

AND just for the fun of it....This brings a whole new meaning to "camel-toe"