Friday, May 25

Happy Memorial Day

We are off to the lake for the weekend. 
I hope to be watching the sun set in one of these
and drinking one of these
Oh and lounging in this... How Cool?
taking a cruise on this
and Maybe Wesley & I will try this...
Hope your weekend is relaxing and full of laughter!

Wednesday, May 23

Sweet Southern Wedding

I am sure most of you are aware Lauren's wedding was this past weekend. It was GORGEOUS!
I loved everything that she did and the location was incredible!
Friday we got to Barnsley Gardens to meet Lauren for lunch at the Grill that overlooks the golf course. Wesley was drooling, ready to get out there!
We were able to hit the pool for a couple hours before the rehearsal. Even though we are all professionals at this bridesmaid gig we still enjoyed getting together for pic time!

 The overall theme carried through the night was Bubba, Ryals dog. There was The Bubba signature drink, the place cards, and the table decor. It was really cute!

The dinner was wonderful and of course Kim and I gave a toast to the Bride & Groom to keep the FIRE!

Saturday Morning we enjoyed a bridesmaids brunch at the Sage Cottage Inn.
After that, the Wedding Clock was on and we were getting ready, doing hair and Make-up, and getting to smile for Genya of Vue Photography once again.

Me and the girls were joking that Weddings are our sport!
Lauren looked gorgeous, her dress was perfect for her.

The cakes and flowers

Me and the hubs

My parents came to join in the celebration.

and Amy & Jeff were there too
 So lets just say the Varsity Hotdogs and Frosted Oranges were a HIT!

The Answer Band was so much fun and we were dancing so much that my camera dropped on the dance floor and broke! SAD! So this ends the night from my point of view.
I am so happy for the Muller-Stones...I mean Stones!
To check out more details from the wedding check with Maggie , Meghan, & Jill.

Thursday, May 17

Did you see?

I admit I am still a Bachelor/Bacherlorette TV show lover. I think I say every time, "I'm not going to watch it next time." But I just can't seem to tear my eyes away from the drama. Plus, I am super excited about watching the oh so beautiful Emily Maynard as The Bachelorette.    

Did you see Emily A Clark's post yesterday on the mansion they are filming at in Charlotte?
If not go check it out; it is fun to see where the action is taking place. I totally agree with her on how dark and gloomy it is..and how creepy egg guy was. I think the guy with the green shirt was pretty scary too! 
I have another confession...I somehow got Wesley to watch Mondays show with me (I think the pretty girl helped) but at the end of the show the Fitness Model got booted and I was really annoyed when he started taking his shirt off saying this is what Emily is missing out on, but WOA!! SERIOUSLY??? After revealing his sculpted bod Wesley and I both agreed he should have walked in without a shirt!!! Did you see that part?

Wednesday, May 16

Laura & Zacks Wedding

This past weekend we went home to Cordele for Zack and Laura's Wedding. 

photos by Sunny Lee
We grew up with Zack and he has been a long time friend of both Wesley and myself.  We were so happy to be a part of Zack and Laura's big day. My Mom and I threw the bridesmaids tea for the girls on Friday afternoon. (I will post about that party soon) Friday night we joined the wedding party at Daphne Lodge for the Rehearsal Dinner. 
 I started feeling sick during the dinner but thought nothing of it...ended up spending all of Saturday in the bed with a fever and sore throat. Somehow I made it to the wedding with my parents.
We scooted into the reception so I could say my hello's and see my handsome husband who was a groomsman in the wedding.

 The candy bar was filled with the best treats!

 Their cake was covered in dates, numbers, places, and sayings that mean 
something special to the bride and groom.
 and after the first dance I was out of there and into the clinic. Yes dress and heels walking into the Cordele clinic gave the nurses something to talk about. One nurse asked if I was going to Prom??? hmmm
I hated to miss the rest of the wedding but I felt horrible and it was confirmed to be Strep!
Now I am on antibiotics and resting up for Laurens wedding this weekend. 
Don't have time to be sick around here!

Monday, May 14

Cinco de Late-o

I am a little behind on sharing our Cinco de Mayo party with you. We were so excited to host a party...our first party at our house. We sent out invitations via Paperless Post. Super easy and tons of cute invites to choose from. Some are even free!

 We started saturday morning at the Stache Dash 5k with Brince and Laura Lyn and Wade and Kate.
We were all dressed in our mexican gear including sombreros and mustaches, all fake except for Wesley. He grew the real thing!
I know I look so serious in the pics, but if I smiled my stache would fall off. 
Oh and just to prove we weren't the only ones dressed to impress I snapped a picture of this guy crossing the finish line as a taco!
 Now with some extra calories burned we were ready to start the party!
Wesley helped me hang lights over the porch which made it feel party worthy.
I made these fun vases with a little tissue paper and scissors. 

Of course I had to deck out our chalkboard wall for the occasion.

Alyssa brought a piƱata and filled it with minis. And yes we actually hung it and blindfolded the boys to knock it down. It was one of the best parts of the night. 

 Me, Kate and Alyssa
 Wesley decided to keep the mustache on for the party, it was pretty hard not to laugh every time I looked at him. 

 Cheers to an awesome Cinco de Mayo!