Friday, August 27


This House is on our way to the park on Woodward Way, I always stare!

By The Way: I have a style...Can you tell? haha

Thursday, August 26


Calling all MOMs: Ok I know most of you reading this are not Moms, BUT you just might know someone who needs this cool find.
It is called a Chilly Pad made by Frogg Togg. It is amazing for kids who play sports especially in the heat of Georgia.

It is made from a material that keeps it cool for up to 4 hours, and stays dry to the touch!
We put them in ziplock bags and send them with the kids to their sports! I even got it out in the carpool line for Reese and me.

I got our at Sports Authority for $12 and they come in so many Cool colors. I think this would be great for those Hubbies like mine that enjoy golf too!

Wednesday, August 25

Waiting on the Emmys

I am so excited about the 2010 Emmys this Sunday! I LOVE a good Red Carpet! All of the celebs, hair, make-up, and DRESSES!
I think Blake won last year

Kate looked beautiful too

PEOPLE.COM has a quiz you can take to guess which designer the stars will wear. Check it out here.
I like these that they picked out for the GLEE star Lea Michele

I cant wait to pick the Best Dressed...finally something on TV for ME, not just Football (and its not even the season yet! ; )

Tuesday, August 24

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend we went to Strom Thurman Lake in South Carolina. It was so nice to spend a relaxing weekend with my family, mom even talked Granny & Grandaddy into joining us.

We spent most of the time on the boat with these cute boys.

Poppi went first on the skis...and he even wakeboarded too!

Next Krissie & Jack

Thumbs Up!

Brecken went tubing all by himself

It became really fun when Wesley got back there with him

I'll just say Chris is pretty good at Wakeboarding

so good he can do this

Jack is so super cool!

It got real crazy when we added three ropes behind the boat

They talked me into getting on the tube with Brecken

and this is what happened

I didnt take alot of pics off the lake but here is one of the concert we got to watch of the boys singing "Life is a Highway" with their "guitars".

What a great weekend!

Sunday, August 22

Gameday Gear

Football season is approaching fast which means one thing for us gameday dresses! I spotted these adorable dresses at Festivity. So cute and perfect for
Georgia - black with red seersucker

Alabama- red with houndstooth

or Auburn- orange with blue

They also have a blue dress with orange seersucker bow just like the first one.
Luckily, with our house being divided (AU and UGA) I get to buy double!! YAY!
You can also find these here.

Thursday, August 19


I LOVE this house it is on Woodward Way in Buckhead. The lanterns on either side of the door are always burning!

Look at the detail of the side.

I am leaving today to spend the weekend at the lake with my wonderful family. Hope you all have a great weekend! To all my friends who will be cruising, Have fun and Have a drink for me!

Wednesday, August 18

Ballin' at the Braves

Last night we went to the Braves game with Hunter and Nicole. As most of you know, I'm not a huge fan of sitting in the hot seats for three hours, BUT, our tickets were in the Suntrust Club Level. Basically, right behind home plate 3rd row and cushioned chairs....AWESOME!

Look how close we are to the field & the players.

We were given the tickets, thats why I can show you the retail price for the seats.

It was all you can eat and drink...we took advantage of the drink part

Just on the opposite side of the club level was Evander Holyfield. Yay! I love a celebrity sighting!

Thanks Hunter & Nicole for taking us!

Monday, August 16


This weekend Wesley went out of town to have the FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT 2010 with his buddies. So what do I do? CALL MOM!!!! Mom came up Friday night and we made a game plan for Saturday. I had already hit Scotts Friday afternoon and really wanted to take advantage of some of the great interior stores around Atlanta we never get to go to. We got up early Saturday and shopped around all day long! We went to the stores Renee told us about in this post, and stumbled upon some others in that area we didnt know were there. SO FUN! Of course we had to make a stop at our favorite fabric store

I got some great swatches and am planning to add a little to our guest bedroom soon.
Saturday night we were a little tired from shopping, yes I said it, my mom and I DO get tired from shopping! So we went to see Eat Pray Love.

It was good to me, but LADIES dont make the hubby go! I always love Julia Roberts, this was a little slow at some points but overall I would say see it. Maybe catch it on the night they give a discount! This is one time I dont wish I would have read the book first. Not my kind of book!
Sunday we finished up our weekend by hitting more shops and doing a little pick me up to our place! I'll show you pics this week! I love it when my mom comes we have such a blast together, and we did a little eating, praying and loving ourselves!

Friday, August 13

You make me SMILE

The best part about this past weekend was getting to spend some time with my adorable nephews! They always put a smile our face. Jack is a mess but loves the camera.

If you ask Jack to smile this is what you get...

Jack got a hold of the Rocker Wig and looked just like a little girl. We said smile, and he got in the sorority squat and said "CHEEEEEEEEESE!"