Wednesday, November 30

Complete Chaos

Here is a crazy update on our life:

Last Wednesday: Closed on House and left town for thanksgiving
Thursday: Thanksgiving Lunch and a midnight drive back to Atlanta
Friday: BLACK FRIDAY shopping for new appliances
Saturday: Wesley's parents came to help us start moving
Sunday: My parents came for project help
Monday: Movers came to bring our furniture
Tuesday: Pest Control and Painter came
Wednesday: EXHAUSTED!!!

Here are some snippets of our chaos
 Just removed the refrigerator and a cabinet
 Mom helping paint
 Cutting new moulding
 Primed Cabinets

 Priming the Kitchen walls
And one whole bedroom is stuffed with boxes!!!
Hopefully by the end of the week our kitchen cabinets will be done!

Tuesday, November 29

Give Thanks

I am thankful for...
my husband
New Keys
My cute Nephews

Turkey Fryers
  Our sweet cousin Lila Jane
Golf Cart Rides
 My parents goat Maggie
 because of Maggie clearing the land behind our house 
we were able to eat Thanksgiving in the woods.

My dad, Wesley, & Chris built this table 
the night before thanksgiving
 Yes you read right...Wesley too! 
We got the Pulley Bone- I won and made a wish 
that he would really start to become a handyman!

Wednesday, November 23


We are closing on our house today!
Thats something to be thankful for huh?
YAY! Hand over those keys baby!
Im so excited this process will be over and we can start on the next....DECORATING!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 20

When the husbands away....

The wife will CRAFT!! While Wesley was off hunting this weekend, I decided to make some crafts.
I started with the Ruffle Tree Skirt I found on Pinterest. I talked about it in my 
 It wasn't hard, but took a couple hours
Here is the link to the tutorial
 With my extra burlap I decided to make some wreaths. They do not have their bows on yet!
 I tried different ways to figure out which I liked better....the one above takes less fabric and less time. 
You may not believe it but there is 3 yards of fabric on the one below!!!
I hope with a bow they look something like this....uhhh and a better camera!
Which do you like better #1 or #2? 

Friday, November 18

Packing Up

While we are waiting to find out when we will close on our house we have been packing up.
I have been pretty excited about putting everything in boxes and thinking about where it will go in our new pad, but one thing I cant seem to shake is our Striped Wall. 
Living in an apartment means no paint; I'm so glad I found this idea on a blog somewhere.
Remember us putting the contact paper up?  I sure will miss those stripes.
 Just in case your wondering there was very minimal damage to the wall when we took it off. Nothing compared to the hole in my door from my husband and his friend wrestling one night.


Tuesday, November 15

Family Photos

I recently had Sunny Lee take some pictures of the little ones I nanny. This is part of the parents christmas present from me. We did the shoot in Piedmont Park, the weather was gorgeous, and the kids did great!
Here is a little peek of my favorites.

 I made these letters out of cardboard, glue & glitter.

Hopefully their mom will be able to use one of these for their christmas card
 Sunny did such a good job check out some of her other work here

Monday, November 14

Go Dawgs!

Woo Hoo! The Dawgs beat the Tigers!!! This is such a huge game for us, not only because we now go to the SEC Championship, but because Wife beat Husband! (all in good fun)
We all had a ton of fun, maybe too much fun, on Saturday.
So many friends came to tailgate.
 Trent, Alyssa, Amy & Jeff
Katie & Sam
 Laura Lyn, Me & Leslie
 Wade & Kate and their friends
 Family Photo
You see Wesley's parents stayed neutral!
Kate, Me & Whitney
 Meghan & Russ stopped by
 Mema & Daddycurt
The game started out with Wesley & I in the Georgia section... at halftime wade, kate & whitney swapped and let him go to the Auburn seats....too much to handle.

I dont know who's fault it was
Beat Down

 AND what would a trip to Athens be without The Loft
 I forgot to take a picture at the tailgate, but I managed to make a couple more cake pops for the weekend. Red velvet for UGA and the blue ones actually have blue-dyed cake in the middle.
See you in Atlanta at the SEC Championship!!!!