Wednesday, September 26

Cake in a Jar?

Today is Lanier's (one of the girls I nanny) 11th Birthday! For her birthday she wanted Cake in a Jar.
I was like what?? a jar?? But then I went to good ole Pinterest and 
realized yep there is such a thing.  
Once we found Rainbow Cake in a Jar, she fell in love and I had to recreate it. 
Here is what it looked like with the mix before baking. 
and once they came out of the oven
I topped them with icing and sprinkles

I added the lids with cute stickers from Paper Source and ribbon with a fork attached.
The girls loved them and said the cake was delicious. It was really fun to make and I am ready to make more for holidays, sports teams, birthdays, and gifts. Here is the recipe I adapted from. 
Here are some other cake in a jar recipes that look good

Pinkalicious Cake in a Jar
 Peanut Butter Cup Cake in a Jar
 Chocolate Pudding Cake in a Jar
 Nutella & Red Velvet Cake in a Jar
You can find all of these links here.
You have to let me know if you make any of these. 

Tuesday, September 25

Its Football Time Again

It is feeling more like fall outside and football season is in full swing. Wesley and I went to Auburn for the Auburn vs. LSU game. It was so much fun to spend time with so many friends. 

I am such a good sport when it comes to dressing the part...being a good wife!

All the girls
 and all the guys at the Tailgate

We ran into my Aunt Lyn 
 and cousin Anna Grace, she goes to school at Auburn now.

Auburn didn't win, but at least it was closer than anyone thought. Meanwhile, my Georgia Bulldogs are doing awesome! This is such a fun time of year!

Monday, September 24

Emmy Looks

Ahhhh the Red Carpet. I love watching some of my favorite celebrities walk down the carpet in the most beautiful dresses. Here are my top faves from last night.
I want Julie Bowens whole get up
Hedi looking smokin' single
 Leslie Mann is always a favorite of mine

 Nicole's dress was pretty, but her hair was kinda boring to me.
Allison the Emerald color
I am excited about the show Nashville coming up this Fall with Hayden
and Sophia...beautiful as always.

Who was your favorite?

Thursday, September 20

TOPSHOP at Nordstrom

Last week I was out shopping and went into Nordstrom at Phipps Mall to discover Topshop has a collection there now. I have liked Topshop ever since I traveled to London years ago. I was excited to see all the fall merchandise. Here are some of my favorite pieces. 
Love these suede shoes
 This top is going to come home with me. Peplums are still HOT!
 I can never have enough blazers
 Wine colored skinny jeans...the salesperson told me wine is the color for the fall! 
 A lace back top is perfect for layering
 a little bit of sparkle on a basic sweater = awesome
 long black maxi skirt...I think I have to add this to my closet too
Hope you get to check out Topshop at Nordstrom at Phipps Mall, it is the only one in Georgia carrying the line. If not you can shop online here. They also have Topman for the guys!

Wednesday, September 19

Here's what I got...

I showed you yesterday one of the items I got at Scotts. I passed by the old brass beverage bucket and knew it would be a perfect addition to our home. Here is how I am using it
I found this small Fiddle Fig Leaf tree at IKEA the other day. Can you believe it? Ikea is now on the Fiddle Fig bandwagon! It looks so good in my brass bucket and gives a punch of green life to that corner of our dining area. 
And now on to the other item I snagged. I walked by this garden stool once and saw the beautiful blue underneath but even at a great price of $45 I didn't know if I wanted to take on that job of scrapping it all off. I decided later in the day it was just too good of a deal and I better go claim it. When I got back the dealer was scrapping the paint off for me...I guess he knew I was coming back.

It looked like this
We made a deal and he scrapped the rest of the paint off for me and brought it to Buckhead for no charge! And here is the beauty that was underneath it all.

I was crazy excited! It looks perfect in my house and for $45 I could not be happier.
Have you scored any good deals lately?

Tuesday, September 18

Something at Scotts

I was so excited to go to Scotts this month. I picked up my 2 tables that I talked about here. Here are some other items that made me stop.
I really wanted a pair of these to use in a guest bedroom as bedside tables. 
 I have decided I have to have a garden stool. This one needed some love; the black and floral painting was chipping off but a beautiful blue was peeking through. 
 Here is a different take on a chalkboard calendar. I think this would be so cool in a mud room. 

 We almost died when we turned the corner to find these awesome  signs of places around Atlanta from    Patina Factory.
Nicole and I both decided we have to get one of these.
 These chests were stunning!!!
 I found this desk for my brother-in-laws office, exactly what he wanted for $400.
 This driftwood christmas tree would be so fun to decorate for the holidays
 I don't know what you see, but I see potential. I scored this old wine bucket for $30! I can't wait to show you how I am using it.
I purchased one other thing on my will have to see what it is tomorrow. 

Monday, September 17

Something to Celebrate

Last weekend we attended an engagement party for Wade & Kate. This is the first party for them and we were so excited to get together with family and friends to celebrate. 

If you are wondering what that thing is on my dress it is my name tag. Photo Bomb!
The house we went to was beautiful and I couldn't help but get a picture of their backyard. 
 I DIE!!!
 I mean how awesome is this?

 Not only was the yard beautiful so was the entire house. The one thing Wesley and I couldn't get over was the shuffleboard table in the basement. This is something Wesley and I have always said we would have in our "future" house. 
We are ready for more wedding festivities to continue. Wade & Kate are getting married next May.