Friday, September 23


This song has gotten me so excited for the weekend. Mom is in town to do some damage at the mall and then a Birthday dinner Saturday night which will end at the Gold Room!

Doesnt this get you excited? 
Cheers to your weekend!

Thursday, September 22

Feels like Fall

This FALL weather has gotten me so excited for 

new recipes like these  stuffed pumpkins
 Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks
 and holiday wreaths...I'm loving this acorn wreath
oh and Reese playing soccer...
I couldn't help it. She is just too stinkin cute!

Tuesday, September 20

House Hunting...comparison

This house showed up on our daily email of listings available in Atlanta. I LOVE it! 
This goes to show you what you can get by going out of BUCKHEAD....even just a little bit!

 cute little study with built in bookshelves
 spacious living room
 Dining nook

 AWESOME screened in porch
 Huge master room
 with a reading nook
This house is on the westside in a great neighborhood with a playground and pool. 
Call us Stubborn... call us Stupid we dont care we want to be smack dab in the middle of it ALL!
Cross your fingers that we hear back some good news soon!

Friday, September 16

Happy Friday!

What do all of these rooms have in common?

Did you spot all of the crowns? 
I have to go to the dentist today to get a dredded crown, so I thought this may lift my spirits.
Beautiful Rooms always seem to do the trick.
Oh and maybe this picture too....

I found these free crown printables online and had my little princesses color, sticker, and glue to make their crowns. Arent they just precious?

Thursday, September 15

House Hunting continues.....

UPDATE: We still do not have a house....(trying not to cry)
Last Friday we went to 8 houses. The second house we saw was this one
Cute house...bad front yard, I know...but cute house
The inside had been newly renovated and was super nice. The best part was 2 walk in closets in the master....which we need! This house also had a small "mud room" at the side door which Wesley could use as his office  AAAAND a Laundry Room! I mean a room a real room just for the dirty clothes. (this is something we haven't seen much of, in case you can't tell) There was also a second living room at the back of the house, which Wesley already named his "man room". 
Here is the beautiful updated kitchen
Soooooo why isnt this house ours? Well the asking price was a bit high for the area so we went into a bidding war for 6 days and just couldn't seem to meet eye to eye on a price.
Here is one HUGE reason we weren't willing to go any higher on our end....
This is the backyard...or lack thereof! We had some landscapers come out to give estimates of how much it would be to make this backyard...well...a backyard and it looks to be somewhere around $15,000. With that info we knew we didn't want to pay too much for the cute house with a bad backyard. So we are letting it go. SAD! 
Just for fun I pulled what the house looked like in February before undergoing the renovations
and here is the kitchen
They got the house as a Foreclosure and paid NOTHING! They did put a lot of hard work into making this house what it is today, just not as much as they are asking.
Back to the drawing board...

Wednesday, September 14

Whats old can be new

Check out this Before & After of a dresser done by my brothers girlfriend Meghan.
 She wanted to give the solid wood a little more jazz.
Adding the stripes and new hardware completely changes the look of the chest.
I think she did a great job!

Tuesday, September 13

Missoni at Target

So today is the day that Missoni came to Tar-get. I got there at 9:15 and the place was cleaned out...I mean GONE...EVERYTHING!!! I couldn't believe it; so I came home and checked the internet to see what I missed out on. And I have to say, I'm not that sad I didn't make the door busters. 

Here are my top picks 
I dont usually decorate in the color schemes they used for a lot of their products, so it made it easy to resist and keep my card in my wallet.

 Soy Candle

 This plate would be cute for a UGA tailgate!

 These outfits would be cute with tights

 If my vote counts anywhere I would say Calypso St. Barth wins over Missoni...whats next?
Please be Tory Burch

Friday, September 2


During the planning of the Ice Cream Baby Shower I was so thankful to have found some Free Printables online.
I have never tried this before, but I wanted to share some printables from the party.
Click here for the pdf of Wishes for Baby. Like I mentioned yesterday, this was already a free printable online and came in a couple color options, just none with our color scheme.
I changed the color and now you can enjoy!
I just put 2 holes through the top and tied them together with ribbon at the end of the party.

The main theme for the shower was Babies Make Life Sweet, I made this sign and took it to Kinkos to have it blown up bigger for the welcome table.

You can print it here.
I am also a "labeler"; I think all food should be labeled on a table. I just like to know what I am eating and it makes for a cuter presentation.

    Check out the Labels  
So if this printable link doesn't work then feel free to just drag and copy the images to your computer!
Happy Friday!