Thursday, May 27

Savannah Smiles

We are leaving today for Memorial Day Weekend with Wesley's family in Savannah. I am so excited to spend some time with them, we haven't seen everyone since Easter. Kate, DeWayne & Dylan are coming too! I'll take lots of pics and be back Monday to fill you in on how much fun we had. Hope you all have a fabulous holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 25

Sweet Lila Jane

Last year our family was blessed with a little angel, Lila Jane Meadows. My Uncle Drew & Aunt Nita and their 3 boys welcomed a baby girl to the family. They are all so sweet to her and "fight" over who is going to hold her or kiss her next. We got to go by The Meadows house on Friday afternoon to visit and get some of that sweet sugar.

Look at that big smile

Jack was curious about the baby girl at first.

but they soon became best friends

Brecken loved her instantly

By the end Brecken & Jack were fighting over who would get to sit with her too.

Or maybe they were fighting over Gigi.

Poppi got to get in on the action too!

If you have a minute and some kleenex check out The Meadows blog Live Hard, Love Hard.

Monday, May 24

The Bauer Boys

This past weekend my parents came to Atlanta with my two wonderful nephews, Brecken & Jack. Krissie & Chris were off to New York on vacation. We were so excited for them to get here and spend some time in "our" city since we always go to Charlotte to see them. When the boys woke up on Friday morning we ate breakfast.

The boys wanted to go for a morning bike ride

Later that morning we went to the Imagine It! Childrens Museum, it is such a cool place and the boys loved it.
We played grocery store...




Sand Sculptures...

and Train Conductors...

And lots of other fun stuff...

Like hand animals and slides.
After that we went to our cousins house to play for the afternoon. (this will be another post...sweet Lila Jane needs her own!)
Later that night, as if we hadnt had enough pretending, we also played doctors.

On Sunday we got up and headed down to Piedmont Park. They had the Green Market going on which was really fun and brought a ton of people. Of course we had to get Reese to come play.

We fed the ducks...

Played on the playground...

and even got a little exercise in... Hoola-Hoops & Jump Ropes

We were so sad to say goodbye, but we hope we showed the boys how much fun Atlanta is and maybe they went home and told their mom & dad how much they want to move near Aunt Hollie & Uncle Wesley. (like they were told to do!)

Thursday, May 20

What NOT to wear

I was on PEOPLE.COM today looking through the photos of the celebs at the Cannes Film Festival and was very dissapointed...

Rachel Bilson is so cute...why couldn't she dress cuter?

I have looked at this picture about 10 times trying to figure out what Paris is doing...sucking in? not eating? Frozen by hairspray in that awkward pose?

Lindsay continues to amaze me at how trashy she can look

No words Cate, I have no words for you
Finally somebody got it right...

I really want this dress to be hanging in my closet... I LOVE!!!! It would make me so happy to get up everyday and open that closet door to see this smiling back at me. : )