Thursday, March 31

Double Dare You

Today I am going to DARE you to do something. I am not really sure how this popped in my head but occasionally I am going to throw out a DARE and I hope you will participate and try it. Please let me know by commenting if you tried it, or what you did, or if you were a WIMP! Just Kidding! These will not be hard just something fun and rewarding.
Text someone you love (spouse, boyfriend, parents...) a message telling them how much they mean to you. It can be a simple "I LOVE YOU" or something more detailed. Either way take a second of your time to text your loved one a sweet reminder. (NOTE: no Facebook messages allowed!)

Wednesday, March 30

One Year

Today marks a year of blogging!

I have had so much fun sharing house projects, travels, recipes, work, family, friends, photos, and everything else in-between with you. I tell people it is like writing an open diary of everything I like and do. Thanks for stopping by to catch up with the Hills. I love to know who is reading so click follow on the sidebar and become a follower....I promise no daily spam emails coming from this girl...i get enough of those already and I am sure you do too.

Tuesday, March 29

Fun Fabrics

Last week when I hit up Lewis & Sheron I found this fun little fabric in so many great color schemes; I just had to share. I thought some of them would be perfect for a nursery
or little girls room.

It is called Conservatory and comes in 6 color sets.

Monday, March 28

DIY Chevron Rug

These DIY Chevron Rugs have been floating along the blog world so much I just couldnt resist it anymore. I had to give it a go!
I bought a rug from IKEA for $5.99
Taped it off and started painting. I followed these instructions.
And...........TA DA!!!
Im so excited I did it! I will show you a picture of where I put it in my house
once I finish the space. Happy Monday!

Friday, March 18


This property is a little different today; the glamorous space is a condo in the Ritz Carlton of Buckhead. I dont think I would mind living in a high-rise if it looked like this.

I wouldn't mind starting my day here with a cup of coffee and catching up on my favorite blogs!

Thursday, March 17

Pot O' Gold

Ok so pinch is St. Patricks Day and first of all I forgot to wear green AND when I came across this amazing, awesome and totally to die for bag I decided this is my own little pot of gold!
Sorry no green for me!

Wednesday, March 16

Fiesta Time

Saturday night we had a Fiesta for Parker & Ashley.
Kathryn made cupcakes
Joe tested the Cheese Dip
Andrew & Kaci made Margaritas

I tested those out

Group Pics with the Sombreros

We had such a great time with everyone! I cant wait for the wedding in May!

Tuesday, March 15

Spring Break at the Beach

On Thursday morning Wesley & I woke up to a beautiful day in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We rented him a bike and took a stroll down 30-A. We made a stop in Seaside to check out the cute village and the white sand.

Then we met Jeb & Leslie at Pizza by the Sea. A must stop when your down that way!

That night us 4 went back into Seaside to eat at Great Southern. The meal was amazing and sent us all home stuffed.

Friday morning we played couples tennis. I have never laughed so hard at Jeb hitting that racquet. He is determined to be better next time we go down....we will see!
After a quick lunch we rode into Destin to get on the boat. The afternoon was spent at the point with friends.

Friday night we met up with our whole group for dinner at Cuvee Bistro. With some connections we ate in the private dining area and got to be as loud as we wanted...and with this group that is just what is needed!

We got the waiter to help us play a game of Credit Card Roulette.
Jeb lost....but we just couldn't let him take that bill himself.
Parker of course ordered champagne for everyone
Saturday morning started with a Boys Fishing Trip and a Girls Bike Ride. Erin & I spent the afternoon shopping and helping Leslie get ready for the
Wedding Fiesta Shower for Parker & Ashley.
I'll share that party tomorrow... daylight savings is still getting to me and i'm tired!

Thursday, March 10

Spring Break Visits

While I've been on spring break I have gotten to see so many friends. This past Saturday was one of my good friends from High School's Wine & Cheese Party. It was so good to see Susan and meet her fiance Taylor. Now that she lives in Jackson Hole I never get to see her; we realized we hadnt seen each other in 3 1/2 years.

Rebecca, Jenna, me, Susan, Kelley
It was good to see all my other girlfriends from home too!
Our next visit was with Baby Cade. This little baby boy was the one we just had the baby shower for 2 weeks ago. He is so precious!

I wanted to take him home with me. So Sweet!

Tuesday, March 8

Dr. Seuss Day

Last week was Dr. Seuss week for a couple of schools. The 9 yr old I nanny, Lanier, had to dress as Thing 2. I could not let her try to be this fun character without giving her blue hair. So I took an old baseball hat, a blue boa, and hot glue to make her wig. I cut the bill off the cap and then hot glued the boa around the cap. It worked perfect and for a total of $4.99. It sure beat a $25 wig!
I think she looked precious. I used a red shirt they had and cut a circle out of felt to make her Thing 2 sign on her shirt.

It was also Dr. Seuss day at Pinewood Christian Academy where wesley's dad is the Headmaster for the lower school. He shocked a lot of people when he came to school as Cat in the Hat. How cute is he??

Monday, March 7

Sneak Peek

Friday started Spring Break for me and I am in Cordele for now helping my mom and some friends decorate!! I loaded my car down with everything I had purchased and drove home to make the deliveries. I will admit I havent been crazy good about taking tons of pics, but here is a sneak peak of Rebecca's Guest Room.

My mother-in-law, Marcy, made these pillows for me in just a short week and they are just what I wanted. I love the Ikat pattern with the pop of chartreuse. I got the Ikat fabric off the remnants for just $4.24.