Monday, February 28

And the Academy goes to.....

Who is her stylist? She is rockin' the carpets this year!

Jennifer Hudson is the incredible shrinking woman

One hot MAMA
Best Hair:

Friday, February 25


Last Sunday wesley and I went to hit tennis balls at the PGA superstore. For $20 you can rent the court and hit from a ball machine for an hour. It was so fun and I am determined to become good at this game!

Wesley with the ball collector that looks like a push mower
Before that, we had stopped in Brookhaven to go for a walk and check out some houses. This house is on the market and caught our eye. We both love the shingles and the ivy growing on the porch.

I know its just a picture of the house this week. I've been spoiling you with all of these amazing homes inside and out, but truth is most houses I see that I think "Oh, I have to use that one on the blog" are gorgeous on the outside but may not be quite blog-worthy on the inside. This house has good "bones" but
just trust me you arent missing out on the inside of this one decor-wise.
I am going to start flip-flopping between showing houses I like from the street, and houses that are beautiful inside too! I hope this doesn't disappoint you too much.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 24

Trellis at Target

Yep! You read right, Target has some awesome outdoor pillows right now in a navy & white trellis pattern.
LOVE! and LOVE the $12.99 price tag!

Wednesday, February 23

Speed Reader

In just one week I have finished not 1 but 2 of Lauren Conrad's books.
I started with L.A. Candy
and then moved to Sweet Little Lies

I am ready to move on to book number 3

and then of course her Style book has to be read.
I am not a huge reader, but these are super easy reads and make you feel like you have a little inside into LC's reality show life.
Have you read these? What do you think about the books?

Tuesday, February 22

Veggie Bars

This is an easy recipe & is always a hit at a party. It adds alot of color to the table too!

Veggie Bars

2 cans of crescent rolls
2 8oz blocks of cream cheese at room temp
1 dry packet of ranch seasoning
1/2 cup of mayo or Greek plain yogurt
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
chopped broccoli florets
shredded carrots
shredded cheddar cheese to sprinkle on top

*you can use any other veggies you like, tomatoes, black olives, onions, cauliflower, etc.

Roll out crescent rolls and press edges together to make a flat "pizza". Bake as directed on package. I think it is 375 degrees for about 10-12 min. Let cool completely. Mix cream cheese, ranch, and mayo or yogurt. Spread on top of crust. Add chopped veggies and sprinkle with cheese. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Cut into squares and serve!

Monday, February 21

Alabama Times

Wesley and I had a wonderful weekend with so many friends. Friday we drove to Selma, AL to stay the night at a friends hunting camp. We grilled out over the open fire pit, played games, and then went for a little late night dirt road ridin'. I know this might seem weird, but even though I am from a small country town I DONT ride dirt roads. Wesley was laughing at how scared I was.

It was so good to spend time with Joe, Kathryn (her hunting camp), Will & Ashley at this beautiful place.
Check out this floor lamp. It may be hard to tell but it is covered in branches and has branches twisted all around the lights. Very Rustic!

The boys having coffee before we got ready to head to Montgomery for a Baby Shower.

Saturday Afternoon we helped host a Baby Shower for our friends Matt & Rebecca. She is having the baby tomorrow!!!!

I made these Veggie Pizzas for the party. I will give you the recipe this week.

Wesley & Hudson on the porch having a of our favorite kids!

Rebecca is so ready to meet baby Cade this week

Candice made these super cute favors. It is a baby washcloth rolled up and tied on a stick to look like a little lollipop.
Did anyone notice that their dog Cotton got a front row seat?
Hudson was all partied out!
The shower turned out so cute, the weather was amazing and Rebecca got so many cute things for Cade. Now all we need is that little baby to come out and meet everyone!
We spent Saturday night in Auburn going to dinner with friends. Now 4 of wesley's friends are living back in their college town....he is mighty jealous. Luckily it isnt too far for us to drive to.

Friday, February 18


I think this house is meant for me!
can you say OBSESSED with the blue door
Ahhhhh...WHITE...CRISP...CLEAN.....NO KIDS??

These fabric covered beds are FAB

Dont you think I should live here? This perfect little home is on Dellwood Drive and it might be in danger of becoming super stalked by me everyday!

Tuesday, February 15


Dinner last night was at aria.
Fancy-shmancy huh
I have been wanting to try this place for a long time now. I am so glad we finally had a reason to go. I have the best Valentine!

Monday, February 14

Happy V-Day

I wish all of you a wonderful & romantic valentines day with someone you love! I am getting ready now to go to dinner at 7:30, but I still dont know the destination. It is exciting to have a surprise to the night. I am just happy to spend some quality time with my husband! AWWWW!
I also want to wish my little brother, Russ, a Happy 21st Birthday today!

While wesley was hunting this weekend I rode over to Athens to have a birthday dinner with he and my parents. We dined at NONA (the new Harry Bissetts) and then went back to his place to eat cake and open presents.
On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens to walk some trails before we headed home.

The weather was perfect! Im so glad I got to help him celebrate turning 21! Now he throw away that Fake ID and go have a beer...legally!

Friday, February 11

Valentines Day Parties

Today is the day that most schools will celebrate Valentines Day, all 3 kids I nanny are headed to their parties this morning. Teachers Gifts are a bit of a challenge for this holiday. Here is what the older 2 are taking to their teachers.

This valentine is glued on top of a starbucks gift card.

Lanier still had to make a "box" to put her cards in, we made her box into a locker like this one

Reese had to bring in a healthy snack for her party so we made cheese sandwiches shaped into hearts.

Notice my beautiful su chef

We also made some sugar-free strawberry JELL-O Jigglers in the shape of hearts, but I forgot to snap a picture of those.
For Reese's teachers I had her paint some wooden hearts from Michaels and I hot glued a magnet on the back.

Then I got a pack of pink gum and tied it all together with notes saying "Let's STICK together" and "I'm STUCK on you"

They turned out super cute! I even had her make me my own magnet.
If you have any awesome valentines ideas please share...