Sunday, August 26

Wonder what's at C. Wonder?

I am so excited C. Wonder has opened in Lenox Mall. I have seen the signs for months and have been waiting to go and check it all out. 
The store is bright and fun and super colorful!

 They have everything from clothes, to jewelry, to shoes, to pillows, to plates, to dog toys and even electronics!
 I even got wesley to go in and look around...impressive!
Here are a couple of my favorite things
These nesting bowls would make a great gift!

I am slightly obsessed with this clutch

Monogramed bangles

 Adorable monogramed plates
Aren't you just dying to go shopping now? I can't wait to hear what you think about this new store.

Thursday, August 23

I'm feeling gray

You may remember this piece of furniture I got a while back. It was originally army green.
At the time, we lived in an apartment with boring beige walls and I needed to spunk up our entryway.
So this piece got a little lift with some orange paint. 
It was the perfect fit for our entry. 
Bright and cheerful!
It wasn't fitting in at our house. I'm not sure what it was but I just couldn't stand that orange color anymore against our white walls. It needed another makeover, I knew gray was my color. With an open Sunday, 2 cans of Spray Paint, and new hardware I am in love again.
Even the inside got a little chevron liner love
It now lives in our Laundry room, which also got a little face lift the past weekend too. More to come on that. 

I love that this little piece can be transformed so easy. 

Monday, August 20

Watch your Step

Last weekend we decided to take on a home project that has been on our list.
Let me back up...We have been having a little trouble with our AC, and as most of you know its HOT in Georgia! Soooo, the Air Conditioning has been a bit of a problem. After having a couple people out to check the unit and ducts we took one of the recommendations and had all of our duct work replaced. Yay! Right?
Ummm NO! We are still hot!
So the next step was to add insulation to our attic. This was a pretty large expense so Wesley and I decided to DIY. We decided to go with the blown in insulation...I was a little scared, i'm not going to lie! 
We were at Home Depot at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning buying all of the insulation and renting the huge blowing machine.  That is 20 bags of insulation right there!
We got started and were on a roll. I was loading the insulation while Wesley was in the attic blowing. TEAMWORK!
And then...
Wesley made a wrong step and BAM! His leg went through the ceiling in our hall. 
He was ok, walked away with a scrape. But now we have to deal with a huge hole in the ceiling.
UHHH! Life as a homeowner is never-ending!
More updates on our progress coming soon!! 

Wednesday, August 15

Away with the Hills

Lately I feel like our blog should be titled Away with the Hills. We have been go go go. It has been fun, but left little time for updates for you. One of our latest trips was to Key West to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. I was so excited to get away for a week and relax. We were thrilled for Jill and Davis to join us on our vacation. We stayed at the Casa Marina hotel and would highly recommend it if you go.
The grounds of the hotel were gorgeous.

Do you spy Jill & Davis?
One of our first stops was Fat Tuesdays for some frozen drinks
We rode bikes dinner, breakfast, shopping...I mean never took a cab!
Here are a couple shots from our trip

 Stopped for a little game of shuffleboard

1/2 lb cookies...yes we got one!
 The Southernmost Point
I got a little reading in on the hammock
I even talked Wesley into reading a book
by the way...he loved it!
 Jill & Davis on the Kayak
We made frequent stops to Rick's Bar for the live music and Olympics.
 oh and popped in a drag show, so entertaining!

We went on a jet ski tour that was so much fun
and a 2 hour paddle board tour through the mangrove trees

a trip to Mallory Square
For our Anniversary night Wesley made reservations at Latitudes for just the two of us.
We had to catch a ferry over to Sunset Key island first.
Sunset Key is where all the Mac Daddy houses are..millions of dollars, celebs, and us of course. 
Latitudes is incredible and a MUST do while you're there. The food and view are to die for.
Our table was outside right in the middle at the perfect time the sun was setting. 
So romantic! 
 It was the perfect way to celebrate three wonderful years together.
 Wesley was proud of this picture
 One last walk out on the pier before we said goodbye. I think Key West will miss us too!
 To see more of our trip check out Jills recap here.