Tuesday, January 31

Working Bees & Sneak Peeks

We have been working super hard to get some things checked off our list around here. 
Mom & Dad came up this past weekend to help.
I decided our kitchen had to have a chalkboard wall.
 I started by applying this magnetic primer so we could put up some of 
our cute save the dates we have gotten.
 I cant wait to show you the end result with the chalkboard. 
Here is Dad putting up some good ol' board & batten in our guest bathroom.
 He is the best! He worked so hard and made everything perfect!
 Now, my other little worker bee wasn't as thrilled about "project day" as the rest of us. 
 But he did a great job and I am loving my over the door storage in our bathroom.
Here are some sneak peeks at our progress.

Whoo Hoo! Hopefully I can get this bathroom painted and put back 
together before our company this weekend. 

Tuesday, January 24

World Market Finds

On my recent trip to World Market I found a ton of really cute items. 
Everything from 
Campaign Desks

 Cool Mirrors

 Wooden Coffee Tables

a Drafting Desk

Cute Pillows

Sweet Couch
Dash & Albert look alike rugs
Antique Stools
 The new Early Bloomers collection is where most of these new items are from.
Check them out here.

Friday, January 20

Its that time again

The Boutique Sale is this weekend!!! 
I love going to this, a ton of my favorite boutiques in Atlanta are there.

K.La                  Sandpiper             Tulipano

Fab'rik                            Boogaloos                         Poppy's

It is still in Atlantic Station, but now it is in the old Pier 1 building beside Dillards. 
Let me know if you get anything good. 

Wednesday, January 18

Yada, Yada, Yada

Guess what came today....

Yay! My Iphone 4S
I'm most excited to join the instagram group
If you have it let me know.
Also, here are some other random thoughts...
I thought these ladies looked gorgeous at the Globes

 I actually loved Nicole's dress and I am totally envious of her rockin' bod!
We tried a new recipe from Skinnytaste and thought it was worth sharing
and one more tidbit
Wesley and I went to Local Three for dinner and Loved it
It has been on our list for a while and we finally got around to it
If you are in the area it is a place you should try!
Well thats it for my wierd wednesday ramble.

Tuesday, January 17

My Latest Obsession

Filament bulbs are becoming ever so popular and I am loving it!

 I've been seeing them in magazines, restaurants, and stores

They can make even the simplest fixtures look intriguing 

 I am dying to get some new lighting up in my house so I can add these pretty bulbs

Monday, January 16

Marble or Zinc?

I had a lot of success at Scotts. I did not walk away with a table but I got all the contacts I need to have my table custom made. Im so excited! Now I just have to decide Zinc top or Marble top???? 
 I love both of these looks so much. I just wish I could have both! 

 This is the picture that started it all!

 I am sticking with a rustic wooden carved base.
So which is your favorite? Zinc or Marble?

Friday, January 13

Banquette Dining

 This space will become our dining area. I know, I know you don't think we should get rid of the tailgate chair. Well I'm so sorry to disappoint you but its GONE!
We have replaced it with this linen banquette. I would have loved to have added the upholstered chairs to both ends of the table...whenever we get one...but it was just too much for the space. All of the upholstered furniture was too heavy for my little nook. I chose Benjamin Moore White Dove for the wall and trim color.
 I am hoping to find a table at Scotts this weekend and maybe some other chairs. I have decided to go with seating for four and keeping the ends of my table open.
This is my dream banquette
Nailheads & Sconces! Maybe my next house.
WOW! is all I can say for this lovely eclectic room.
 I am planning to add nailheads to jazz up my linen a bit, wouldn't a pattern like this be nice.

These are some other pretty nooks with banquettes 

 Happy Weekend! Wish me luck on finding a dining table!