Friday, June 29

Bits from our weekend

Last weekend Wesley and I were able to stay in town and relax a little. We kicked off the weekend at the Lady Antebellum Concert with Meghan and Brian.
Hootie, I mean Darius Rucker was one of the opening acts. It was fun to hear him sing his country and break out a little Hootie & The Blowfish songs too. 

 We had great tickets, so close to the stage. They put on a great show!

Saturday morning I got out the clippers and went to town on our backyard. The landscaping (or lack thereof) at our house is SAD.  I mean just awful, but neither of us enjoy yard work yet and buying a cute pillow is way more fun than buying a plant! 

Thankfully Wesley suggested we go to the Peachtree Road Farmers Market to check it out. I gladly put down the clippers to go shopping!
We have been to a couple green markets around town and this one was one of the best! We somehow ended up leaving with 1 bag of quinoa, 4 cookies, and shared a King of Pops. Random I know. 
Saturday night we met up with some other couples to try out a new restaurant in Buckhead, STG Trattoria. 
I would give it a 2 out of 5. It was a cool atmosphere, but the food was lacking. 
I also squeezed in a little home project over the weekend. I will share more on that next week. 
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 26

What's Cooking?

With Pinterest around, it makes cooking a little easier. Instead of dragging out a big cookbook, writing down the ingredients, yada yada, now I just search for something on Pinterest and pull out my phone at the store to make sure I buy everything. Here are a couple of recipes we have tried lately.

This chicken casserole doesn't require a can of cream of chicken soup. This was delicious and I actually liked it better than the kind with the soup... and so did Wesley. This is a must try!

I pinned this a while back and when I finally went to the site to get the full recipe I found out it was from a sorority sister of mine from college. Pretty neat and really good! We both really liked adding a new veggie to our routine. I will be doing this again and trying out more of Betsy's recipes. 

I know another casserole, but hey I am from the south right? This was great! My first time making quinoa (I'm embarrassed to admit) and it was a hit! It says it is supposed to be low calorie too!
Hey a low calorie casserole....I am in! I did have to use a can of cream of something soup, but I might lighten it up next time a little more.

This said INSANELY delicious and easy so I gave it a try. Wesley said he liked it and would have it again. Me, not so much. I do think I like the cabbage baked in the foil packet, but the worcestershire sauce wasn't my have. I think a balsamic sauce with some feta would make this dish a success.   

NOT! I did not think this was the best broccoli. I don't think I will make this again.

You can check out the rest of my Food Board here.

Tuesday, June 19

On the road again..

This past weekend me, Wesley, Maggie, and Dave packed into the car for a weekend trip to Nashville to visit Kim & Nick. We got up to Nashville early afternoon and spent a little time at their pool. 
Kim and Nick had a special night planned for us and it all started at Arrington Vineyards

We packed a cooler of snacks, bought a couple bottles of wine, and sat on the lawn chatting and enjoying the weather. 
We also enjoyed a wine tasting
Do you spy the love birds?
Once it got dark, we went into Franklin to Puckett's for some live music and dinner. 
Saturday was pool day. We spent the whole day outside living it up!
I'm sure Maggie will have more of our fun pool pics.
 Saturday afternoon we got dolled up and went downtown to enjoy a drink or two before our dinner reservations. 

We had dinner at Virago, one of our favorite Nashville spots. The view from the rooftop is incredible!
And you know we couldn't resist taking the Karaoke Cab home. SO.MUCH.FUN.
 Please take note at the song on the TV. 
We had such a fun weekend with friends and loved spending time at Kim and Nicks Party Pad!

Thursday, June 14

A weekend at home

Last weekend Wesley and I stayed in Atlanta...I know hard to believe huh? We were so excited to have some time in the city for a change. I started Friday with a quick workout and then met Nicole to do some shopping. We went to Brick Store Pub in Decatur for lunch. It was really good and I suggest you give it a try and the chicken salad melt!

Then we stopped at The Yard Sale put on by a church in Decatur. It was quite unbelievable! There was so much stuff.  I did end up snagging this chair. It needs a little love, some paint
and new fabric will do just right. I might even add casters so wesley can use it as his desk chair (and no we don't have a desk yet). 
We had dinner with Nicole & Hunter at Chef Ford Fry's new restaurant The Optimist. It was pretty good; if you like oysters they have an oyster bar and everyone at the table raved over the "Angels on Horseback."

Saturday we went down to Piedmont Park to watch the Red Bull Soapbox Race. 
It was hilarious! Teams make these non-motorized cars to race down the course. They are judged on creativity and time and whatever else the judges like. Here are some of the crazy cars.

We were standing right in front of the first jump.
The Sweetwater Car was the winner.
We left to get some food from the Banged up & Mashed Food Truck and headed to the lawn to watch more of the race.
That night we grabbed Pizza from Blue Moon Pizza with Lauren & Ryals. 

 They had been moving in all day, so we took a spin through their new married pad. Here we are checking out the rooftop pool we hope to lounge by soon. 
blurry- I know 
Sunday was no day of rest for me. I hadn't been to Scotts yet and I was dying....dying to get there. It opened at 10am and I was there right after to start my search. Unfortunately, it was a gross rainy day and so some of the vendors had already packed up. I still found some pretty eye candy though. might see this again.
 This desk is my dream desk for Wesley, but with a $$$ price tag and 2'' too long I had to leave with just a picture.

Ahhh, so nice to be at home and enjoying the fun town we live in, but now we are off again. Destination: Nashville!

Tuesday, June 12


I am so out of order with my updates, but you know thats just how my summer is...all over the place. 
I wanted to share with you just a couple of pictures from our Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, I know I am really behind! Wesley and I went to Lake Blackshear for Memorial Day to spend some time with both sides of our families. 
 Friday we were able to get out on the Hill's new boat and cruise for a bit before we cruised to Cypress that night to listen to Confederate Railroad..not the best entertainment around. I think the boat ride on the way over might have been more entertaining. 

 I even ran into my cousin Robert!
Saturday my family joined us at the lake for some boat time. Brecken & Jack love being behind the boat.
We got to meet up with Jill & Davis and do a little wake surfing. 
They even got me in the water for a try.
pic from Jill
 Sunday we headed upriver for a little lunch picnic on the boat. 

Sunday night my parents cooked a low country boil. 
And Brecken got to show us his first "weapon" a BB Gun. He showed us what he learned and shot the can in the tree every time!
And this is the boys favorite thing to do when they visit GiGi and Poppi...
and this is Uncle Wesley's favorite thing
Monday we headed back home for two days before we left again to go down to Port St. Joe for the wedding I talked about last week. Have I confused you yet? I am all out of whack!!