Thursday, July 21

Deal of the Day

I am just so proud of the deal I snagged today; I have to share.
I bought 3 of these beautiful barstools from Ballards Backroom.
Originally the price was over $600 a piece and I got them for $49.99 each.
Since we dont know if our future home will have a place for these beauties, I put in a back-up call to mom to see if she could use them. She said "DO IT", I'm secretly hoping we have a place and she will let me get them back. No re-upholstering yet mom!
Aren't they pretty in a neutral. Im am so thrilled about that deal!

Wednesday, July 20

House Hunting

I have been pretty slack lately and thats because most of my time is spent house hunting.
We are going on 4 months of looking and no luck yet. I was hoping to just blog about this perfect little home we found...but now I have decided to string you along on our journey.
We have seen A LOT of NO's but here was our first yes.

It is in Brookhaven and seemed just perfect for us. A covered front porch with a fireplace, hardwood floors, double vanity, and a HUGE walk in closet. (honestly, it was the closet that made us say, "How do we put in an offer?") No need to worry because someone else had thought the same thing. After being on the market for 12 days, while we were standing INSIDE the house an Under Contract sign was put up on the For Sale sign outside. BUMMER!
On to the next house
This house went on the market last Thursday, we saw it Friday, and it went under contract on Saturday...and not by us! We were planning on putting in an offer on Monday, but we have learned you cant wait till the work week to get something done around here.

Im heartbroken! This is in Garden Hills neighborhood and just precious.
So disappointment #2 strikes.
If you ask Wesley, I am probably being a little picky because I would just love to find something that has been a little renovated but still could use some fun touches.
I will keep you posted on our house hunting adventure.

Thursday, July 14

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: stuffed zucchini

I found this recipe while I was playing on Pinterest. It is a great website to bookmark your favorite things on the web. I am slowly picking it up, but I see a bright future for us. I can hopefully keep my computer screen clear of all the pictures I drag from sites I love, and those desktop folders a little more organized.
This Stuffed Zucchini caught my eye and I had to try it out.
It was wonderful, you can find the recipe here if you want to give it a try too.
oh, and since Lauren is now engaged
I have been putting together a wedding board on Pinterest for her.

Wednesday, July 13

Beach Week

We had such an awesome week at the beach with Wesley's family. Here is our cute house we stayed in.
And our neighborhood pool was beautiful
We spent most of the days on the beach
nice set-up huh
watching the boys play games
one day on Crab Island with friends
and one morning at the spa
We went out for a couple dinners and fireworks
Whitney's sweet friend Kristen joined us for the week
Fourth of July
went to Ebro dog tracks

Cookout with the Letts Family...and some birthdays
celebrated more birthdays
We all wore black bathing suits for Mrs. Marcys 50th
then went to dinner at Mitchells Fish House

and ended the night at Rum Runners with Mrs. Marcy on stage!
Whitney broke her dancing shoes
but dont worry Wesley & I to the rescue
with some oh-so-cute Toms Linen Wedges.
While we were out getting shoes, we made a pit stop to hit some golf balls

Let the dancing continue...

Friday, July 1

Vacation Time

Ok so I know it might seem as if I have been on vacation lately, but that has just been me being SLACK! We are leaving today to stay on 30-A for a week with the Hills. I am so excited to have some vacation time.

Thanks to the Easter Bunny, we will all be sitting in one of these
and hopefully drinking one of these
So guess what...I'm probably not going to be blogging this next week either. Oh well, its nice to collect my thoughts and hopefully come back with something good to share!
Happy 4th of July!