Tuesday, March 8

Dr. Seuss Day

Last week was Dr. Seuss week for a couple of schools. The 9 yr old I nanny, Lanier, had to dress as Thing 2. I could not let her try to be this fun character without giving her blue hair. So I took an old baseball hat, a blue boa, and hot glue to make her wig. I cut the bill off the cap and then hot glued the boa around the cap. It worked perfect and for a total of $4.99. It sure beat a $25 wig!
I think she looked precious. I used a red shirt they had and cut a circle out of felt to make her Thing 2 sign on her shirt.

It was also Dr. Seuss day at Pinewood Christian Academy where wesley's dad is the Headmaster for the lower school. He shocked a lot of people when he came to school as Cat in the Hat. How cute is he??

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