Tuesday, April 5

Two Little Monkeys

After a couple days of technical difficulties...
This past weekend we went up to Charlotte to visit my sister, her husband and their two cute little boys. We got up there extra early on Friday so we could pick them up from school and take them to do something fun without Mom & Dad.... and to score us extra cool points. They were pumped when we told them we were going to Monkey Joes.
This place is filled with blow up Jumpies, and they loved it!
Here they were begging Uncle Wesley for some money to play basketball....how could he resist?
Before bedtime we got to see them do a little Wii Dance.
Saturday we got to watch Brecken's soccer game.

After that Krissie and I took them to Discovery Kids for the afternoon. This place was awesome, we used her camera so I have no cute pics to share. (krissie you were supposed to send them....remember?)
We also squeezed in a little easter egg hunt in there too.
One last cheese from our sweet little nephews

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