Thursday, July 21

Deal of the Day

I am just so proud of the deal I snagged today; I have to share.
I bought 3 of these beautiful barstools from Ballards Backroom.
Originally the price was over $600 a piece and I got them for $49.99 each.
Since we dont know if our future home will have a place for these beauties, I put in a back-up call to mom to see if she could use them. She said "DO IT", I'm secretly hoping we have a place and she will let me get them back. No re-upholstering yet mom!
Aren't they pretty in a neutral. Im am so thrilled about that deal!


  1. Holy cow, Hollie! Those are awesome! I love Ballard's the point if I see a good deal, I buy it regardless if it has a home in my home ;)

  2. Awesome deal!! Don't you just love when you can find great prices like that? They are gorgeous chairs!