Friday, September 2


During the planning of the Ice Cream Baby Shower I was so thankful to have found some Free Printables online.
I have never tried this before, but I wanted to share some printables from the party.
Click here for the pdf of Wishes for Baby. Like I mentioned yesterday, this was already a free printable online and came in a couple color options, just none with our color scheme.
I changed the color and now you can enjoy!
I just put 2 holes through the top and tied them together with ribbon at the end of the party.

The main theme for the shower was Babies Make Life Sweet, I made this sign and took it to Kinkos to have it blown up bigger for the welcome table.

You can print it here.
I am also a "labeler"; I think all food should be labeled on a table. I just like to know what I am eating and it makes for a cuter presentation.

    Check out the Labels  
So if this printable link doesn't work then feel free to just drag and copy the images to your computer!
Happy Friday!

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