Wednesday, July 18

Country Living

I love living in Atlanta. Lots to do, places to eat, places to shop, people to see, but there is nothing like going back home to South Georgia to visit my small town. Last week I took all three kids I nanny down to Cordele to show them a little country living. 
The first stop was the missile at the exit of our town. I don't think anyone knows why it is there, but it seems to be really cool for kids.
This was the first time we had gotten out of the car and Reese said to me, "Hollie the bees are trying to get up my nose." Well Reese those are gnats and they will bother you all day!
We got to pet and feed Maggie, my parents goat. I have mentioned this before, but Maggie has been doing a little yard work for my parents for a while now. 

We loaded up the golf cart and the 4-wheeler to go for an afternoon ride thru the woods. 
The kids loved these rides!

These guys were so excited to take the wheel.
Dad showed them the deer tracks in the dirt
Reese helped my mom with some gardening; they picked tomatoes and cucumbers.
My brother Russ took Stuart out to the deer lease on morning to show him how country boys live. 
He had him putting out corn...Climbing up the deer stand
and then stopped by the Pool Room for the famous Chili Cheese Dog. Stuart even said it was better than The Varsity!!
Reese sported her watermelon swimsuit for The Watermelon Capitol of the World
Dad and Russ took the older two to see Spiderman while Reese and I went for a play date with one of my friends, her adorable 3 year old, and a brand spankin' new baby!

I got to see all my friends kiddos!
Mom had homemade Ice Cream for us when we got back.
Before we left the country we had a target practice with the BB Gun

we set up this balloon target for them to hit

Stuart and Lanier did great! Reese even hit a balloon.  
One more golf cart/4-wheeler ride and we headed back north. It was so fun to see the kids in my hometown doing the things I grew up doing. Now they want a 4-wheeler for Christmas...OOPS!
The trip was a hit and everything was perfect...except that on the way home in the back of the car Reese got a candy Nerd stuck up her nose.

Lanier tried to help her blow it out. We still have no sign of the candy.

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  1. Hahahaahaha! Let us know if that candy ever shows up. Hilarious!