Monday, August 20

Watch your Step

Last weekend we decided to take on a home project that has been on our list.
Let me back up...We have been having a little trouble with our AC, and as most of you know its HOT in Georgia! Soooo, the Air Conditioning has been a bit of a problem. After having a couple people out to check the unit and ducts we took one of the recommendations and had all of our duct work replaced. Yay! Right?
Ummm NO! We are still hot!
So the next step was to add insulation to our attic. This was a pretty large expense so Wesley and I decided to DIY. We decided to go with the blown in insulation...I was a little scared, i'm not going to lie! 
We were at Home Depot at 6:30 am on a Saturday morning buying all of the insulation and renting the huge blowing machine.  That is 20 bags of insulation right there!
We got started and were on a roll. I was loading the insulation while Wesley was in the attic blowing. TEAMWORK!
And then...
Wesley made a wrong step and BAM! His leg went through the ceiling in our hall. 
He was ok, walked away with a scrape. But now we have to deal with a huge hole in the ceiling.
UHHH! Life as a homeowner is never-ending!
More updates on our progress coming soon!! 


  1. oh no! i'm so sorry about your AC and your ceiling! i had to comment though because green fiber blown-in insulation was one of my clients at the last agency i worked at here in charlotte! i learned more than i ever wanted to about natural fiber insulation! :)

  2. This last picture makes me so sad! I'm am so proud of you for DIYing the blown insulation! I didn't even know that you could do that!