Monday, October 29

Scarf Art

We recently painted and quickly decorated our third bedroom. I am loving how it is turning out, but I really needed to get some art on the walls. I love the look of abstract paintings. I knew I wanted an abstract look but wanted to change it up a bit. I went to Anthropologie and found this beautiful colorful scarf...and it was on sale!
The scarf was huge!
Immediately my wheels started turning. Did I want to frame it? Press it in between acrylic sheets? Wrap it around canvas? With the help of my mom, I decided to mod podge it onto canvas. 

I painted the canvases a beige so they would pop against the white walls. (A little wine with paint is good for you...right?) Then I cut the scarf to fit just inside the edge of the canvas and applied the mod podge. 

I love this DIY art. The best part is the scarf was so big, even after cutting the pieces, I can still wear whats left!!! I will share some pics of the room soon. 

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  1. You picture DIY is very beautifull . I love your blog . You have a new follower from chile