Thursday, December 13

Christmas at the Gardens

This past weekend Wesley's family came to visit. We went to the Botanical Gardens for the light show. Once the rain stopped it was a perfect night to walk through the gardens. 

 These things were pretty cool; they lit up to music.

Wade & Kate...almost wedding time!
 Whitney & Joe
This would be really fun for kids, they had a fire pit for making smores. Yumm! 

After our little tour we had a wonderful dinner at Einsteins, followed by brunch Sunday morning at Treehouse. A weekend filled with family and food! 

On another note today marks 17 weeks preggo! I can't believe it! I am still feeling better and starting to eat a little meat. Weird, what you decide you can't bear to eat during pregnancy. I will find out what we are having soon. Im so ready! 

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  1. Can't wait to see what Baby Hill is either!!!