Thursday, January 12

Windows, Windows Everywhere

This is our guest bathroom.
I actually love the window in the shower. It lets so much natural light in and adds character to the house to keep that old feel. The floors are also one of my favorite things about the house. The black and white tile are in excellent condition and creates so much charm for the small space.
Bathroom Before:

 Right now are you saying "WOW...SMALL MIRROR?" Well you should be! Isnt it just awful? And you also might be thinking did we paint? Nope the color in the first picture and this one are the same, but for some reason they look totally different. The room is a deep gold...that WILL be changed!
 So for now, we have changed the mirror to this 
simple larger scale beauty from Pottery Barn
 and added a cute rug from Anthropologie. The temporary shower curtain is our old master white curtains hung at ceiling height. This makes the small room seem so much bigger.
 Oh yea, and another orchid. This one I got from my boss as a housewarming gift; it is the most beautiful fuchsia color I have ever seen.
I am thinking about skirting the sink to give us some extra storage. 
Here are some images that give me inspiration. 

 This is one of my favorite rooms of all time

and here are some shots that make me love how 
simple and elegant the pedestal sink can be

They also hung the curtains to the ceiling
Some storage over the door is a must!
and also a new light fixture
 These two are both from Home Depot
 Sorry this one was taken by my phone at Progressive Lighting.
or what about unexpected lighting?

As for color, this is one of my favorite bright bathrooms
Maybe I can get my dad up to help me add some board & batten to the wall.
Decisions, Decisions! 

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