Wednesday, February 13

Valentines for School

This year we went all out on Valentines. I let the kids choose whatever they wanted to do. 
Reese chose the Glowsticks for her class. Even better since they don't like for you to bring candy to preschool. Click here for the Free Printable from Kommunicated.

Lanier wanted to do a little Glowsticks, Friendship Bracelets, and Smores. 
The bracelets we did for the girls in the class. Click here for the Free Printable from Dandee.

and for the boys we did the Smores kit. These are my favorite!
The directions for the smores are on the back
Click here for the Free Printable from Domesticated Lady.

For the teachers this year we made heart shaped bird feeders. I got this idea from a friend. I followed the directions from Hello Bee here

 I used red and white bakers twine for the string
 Sweet Reese is so excited to give these to her teachers.

I made the tags for these by downloading some free fonts.
I got all of these ideas from Pinterest to see more Valentines ideas go to my Valentines board. 
You can also look back to see what we have done in the past here


  1. You win Nanny of the Year! Love these!!

  2. Oh my gosh, these are ADORABLE!! I hope one of my students brings me a bird feeder ;) I am way impressed with your skills; way to rock those Valentines!