Friday, February 11

Valentines Day Parties

Today is the day that most schools will celebrate Valentines Day, all 3 kids I nanny are headed to their parties this morning. Teachers Gifts are a bit of a challenge for this holiday. Here is what the older 2 are taking to their teachers.

This valentine is glued on top of a starbucks gift card.

Lanier still had to make a "box" to put her cards in, we made her box into a locker like this one

Reese had to bring in a healthy snack for her party so we made cheese sandwiches shaped into hearts.

Notice my beautiful su chef

We also made some sugar-free strawberry JELL-O Jigglers in the shape of hearts, but I forgot to snap a picture of those.
For Reese's teachers I had her paint some wooden hearts from Michaels and I hot glued a magnet on the back.

Then I got a pack of pink gum and tied it all together with notes saying "Let's STICK together" and "I'm STUCK on you"

They turned out super cute! I even had her make me my own magnet.
If you have any awesome valentines ideas please share...


  1. Reese is sooo cute. I love the heart shaped sandwiches!

  2. You are such a good nanny! I love all of your ideas! Reese is super cute.