Wednesday, March 6

Three Peas in a Pod

Last weekend my friends threw a baby shower for not only me but two more mamas-to-be. 
A TRIPLE Baby Shower!!! Crazy huh? It was amazing! They did such a great job at decorating the room and making us feel so loved. All of the other girls moms came and it was like mother-daughter day in college all over again. Jill designed the invites and did most of the fun decor. She is one talented friend!

Jill made the paper art work over the mantle and hauled it all the way from south Ga.
And the paper tassels added a pop of color to the window.
 All the girls
Our newest mom and sweet baby David
 We had the best time opening gifts

We all got our car seats from the hostesses
 My sweet mom and me

 I got these fun stickers from Mrs. Dorsey and Mary Stewart, I was so glad they got to come. They were the first family I nannied for (yes mary stewart is WAY taller than me now). Mrs. Dorsey taught me so much and continues to amaze me at all she does. 
And Tiffany also came to join in on the fun
 They had tons of breakfast foods to enjoy...biscuit bar

 Cinnamon roll Waffles.. and a yogurt and granola bar too!
 To see more details of the Peas in a Pod shower go here.


  1. Such a cute shower! How fun! Where did you get your dress? It is super cute!

    1. Thanks! It is from The Loft. We will see how long it fits.

  2. So cute! Everything looks adorable and pulled together. All of your friends are awesomely talented. I was thisclose to buying that dress from the Loft for your shower back in Feb! Too funny :)