Friday, March 29

Under Contract

Yep! You are seeing this right. Our first home is now under contract. 

Here is the story if you don't know...
During Christmas, Wesley took a new job and we are having to move. I am not going to lie, I was really upset and sad for a while. We had only been in our house for one year and we had done so much to it to make it our home. I had planned my baby's nursery there, made good friends in the neighborhood, and couldn't imagine not being a part of Atlanta anymore. I had to tell the family that I have been nannying for 5 years that I was leaving, which was the hardest of all (most of you know how much my kids mean to me). Can you believe all of this was happening while I am pregnant? 
Emotional would probably be an understatement. 
After a month or so I had to put on my good wife hat and change my outlook on the situation. Wesley is really excited about this new opportunity and it will allow me to be a full-time mom to Hampton.

Where? Where are we going?
Columbus, Ga!
I dont think columbus, ga is what Kate Spade meant by this, but hey!

Now, neither of us know a lot about Columbus, but we are excited for the new adventure in our lives. We are going to rent a house there for a year and then see what we want to do. We may love Columbus and stay, or move up the road to Auburn, or somewhere else in his territory. I am just so glad to have a place to take baby Hampton once we leave the hospital. 

It was so much fun to share a recap of our Home Tour with you. I wanted to show you one last time our home before we are gone. We listed the house and 6 days later we were under contract!!! What a relief for this pregnant lady. 
We feel like God is truly watching over us.

I guess before we know it we will be making our second house a home and I will be able to share all of our progress with you again. 


  1. I know your next home will be just as beautiful!! Congratulations on being able to be a full time mommy!!

  2. Awe such a bitter/sweet post! I loved seeing the house tour - you did a GREAT job and I'm sure the new house in Columbus will be just as cute! Can't wait to see what you do :)

  3. Awwww, so sad, I would have LOVED to buy your home had I known it was on the market, we are currently house hunting and I've really loved all the changes yall have made to it over the past year. that's exciting about the move to Columbus! It's a fun little town (we have friends there). Can't wait to hear about the new adventures!