Thursday, April 8

Tomahawk Choppin'

Last night we went to the Braves game with a group of friends. Besides the traffic getting down there we had a blast! Braves won again- UNDEFEATED!

So of course you know I am easily distracted at sporting events, well this was a MAJOR distraction for me ALL GAME!

uh, excuse me sir, PLEASE TUCK YOUR TAG IN!!!!!!

Just try to pronounce this guys name... Poor Guy!

So, I HATE Hot Dogs (as you all know) so I couldn't help but post these pics of Lauren eating her footlong. I told Maggie if she brought one back and sat beside me I would die!

But I ended up catching her and dave sneaking one in! CAUGHT YA!

(Mags, I love your reaction)

1 comment:

  1. Ha! This looks so fun! Mags face is priceless, so is Davey B's! I miss everyone and want to start a no more Scranton campaign.