Sunday, April 25

Wesley's Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, he turned 26 Saturday! To celebrate we went to Hal's Steakhouse Friday night. Wesley has been dying to go there so I kept dinner a secret until we pulled up to the door, and he was SOOO excited. We were so happy that Wade and Kate, Hunter and Nicole and Renee all came to dinner to help us celebrate.

After dinner we went to the St. Regis Hotel to grab a couple of post-dinner cocktails. The people watching there is SUPERB!

Saturday Wesley and I went to the outlets shopping for some Birthday/Vegas clothes in the pouring rain. Then we headed on over to Maggie & Dave's house in Gainesville for the night. Meghan & Brian came up that afternoon also, and later Jamie & Colby joined us too. Not only were we there to celebrate Wesley being a year older but also to toast Mags & Dave for their One Year Anniversary! We had a wonderful dinner and the best part was helping eat the top layer of their wedding cake. It was still good!!! It was so nice to spend the night with such wonderful friends.

Today, The Hice's joined us and we played on the lake all day. Baby Luke could be the cutest thing there ever is.

The weather was beautiful and we were so thankful Maggie & Dave invited us to come celebrate so many special occasions. Happy Anniversary Griffins!

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