Friday, April 30


You know that week in college where all the fraternities haze the freshmen and it is termed "Hell Week". Well... that is what I feel like Wesley & I have been through this week. There has been nothing normal about our little life, no recipe of the week, actually NO COOKING, no workouts, no blogging, no grocery shopping, nothing! We would just sit and stare at each other, oh and PRAY!

Most of you know on Tuesday morning we got a call saying Whitney's (wesley's sister) boyfriend of 7 years was MISSING! We couldnt believe it, this was so out of character for DeWayne. After a long Tuesday and little sleep Tuesday night, we woke Wednesday to no new news. At this point all of us were starting to get very scared at the outcome of the situation. Wednesday at 3:15 Wesley called and said they found him!!! He was carjacked from Ashburn on Monday at around 6:00pm while trying help a man who appeared to need gas. The man pulled a gun on DeWayne and told him to drive until he said stop. 45 hours later we find out he is in Detroit. He jumped out at a red light and ran to the nearest police. They kept him until Whitney & Wade flew up there to get him. They are home now and he is safe. I thank you all for praying for his return, facebook was flooded with status updates, groups, and wall posts to help locate him. I do believe this situation has brought our town of cordele together on a spiritual level. Everyone has seen what the power of prayer can do. We thank God for keeping DeWayne safe and bringing him home.

I know this is long, but I just have to share my little testimony out of this whole thing. On Wednesday, during Reese's nap, I wanted to send whitney a bible verse for her to lean on. I found this one
Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still. Exodus 14:13a,14
I was a little nervous about the fact it said TODAY, because I wasnt sure we would have answers TODAY. But it was the one that just felt right to send her. I went back and looked at the time I sent it to her and it was at 2:40pm Wednesday. DeWayne called her at 3:00pm! WOW!
I trusted in the lord that that was the right verse and he delivered! FAST!!!!

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