Monday, May 3

5. 5ks. 5 weeks

I set a goal for April to run a 5k every weekend, I am so excited I did it, but relieved it is over! I started out in Cordele with Jenna for the first one. Nancy Bridges Run

We ran together and completed in 27:40!
The second 5k was also a Girls Trip to St. Augustine, FL to run in Don's Run. I blogged earlier about our trip it was so fun and everyone was so proud they completed.

I finished this one in 26:30, this was my first timed race with a time chip on my shoe.
I ran the third race by myself (wesley was there to take pics), it was at a park near Emory and benefited some rich students studies so they can graduate and make more money than me! : )

I dont know what happened this race but I ran this one in 24:40. Wesley was a proud husband waiting for me at the finish.
Stuart ran the fourth race with me at Piedmont Park, The Green Dash. He did awesome and won his age division. (I knew he would) I was so proud and thankful he did this with me, it is hard to find common interests with a 10 yr old boy. It was a bonding experience for us.

I finished this race at 25:06.
The last race was the Big Peach 5k in Brookhaven. Jenna came up to finish out my challenge with me, and to take my mind off wesley being in Vegas! There were over 2,000 runners in this race.

I finished my last race in 25:58. Now on to the next big challenge a Sprint Triathlon. Jenna and I are going to do My First Triathlon at Lake Lanier June 5th. (Unless we back out) One month to get it together. Anybody wanna join us?
Of course we had to get a picture boo-ing Buzz!

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