Tuesday, May 25

Sweet Lila Jane

Last year our family was blessed with a little angel, Lila Jane Meadows. My Uncle Drew & Aunt Nita and their 3 boys welcomed a baby girl to the family. They are all so sweet to her and "fight" over who is going to hold her or kiss her next. We got to go by The Meadows house on Friday afternoon to visit and get some of that sweet sugar.

Look at that big smile

Jack was curious about the baby girl at first.

but they soon became best friends

Brecken loved her instantly

By the end Brecken & Jack were fighting over who would get to sit with her too.

Or maybe they were fighting over Gigi.

Poppi got to get in on the action too!

If you have a minute and some kleenex check out The Meadows blog Live Hard, Love Hard.

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