Tuesday, May 4

Best Job Ever!

This week marks 2 years with The Gordons. I have been so lucky to work for two wonderful families. As you all know I LOVE my job, and I am always excited to see all of my kids. Every Sunday night I start thinking about the hug that I will be greeted with on Monday morning and it makes me so happy. What better way to celebrate our 2 years together than blog about it! I am going to start with Reese's Spring Break trip this year. While the rest of the Gordons spent the week in Washington, D.C., I took Re-Re to the big city of Cordele! She Loved it!

We went to every park in the town

She got to play with make-up

We visited the ZOO...

Saw alot of animals, including this funny looking guy..

She tried the famous "Striplings Beef Jerky"

Reese tried on GiGi's glasses...

and Poppi's too..

Russ put a funny hat on her...

We also went on multiple golf cart rides, had playdates, met Granny & Grandaddy, and even had lunch with Jill.

All of this action made her tired!

I cant wait to take her back.

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