Thursday, October 27

Gin Creek...a family wedding

This past weekend we traveled down to Moultrie, Ga to attend Wesley's cousins wedding at Gin Creek. Wesley was a groomsman so we got to take part in the rehearsal dinner Friday night. After the dinner they had a band play, and of course the Hills were on the dance floor! 
 Kate, Whitney & Me
 The whole family
 Wesley, Matthew (the groom), Wade, and Mark (cousin)
 Coach & Marcy
The Bride & Groom
Laura & Matthew
And look who I of my favorites...Carly
Matthew spent half of the night on the mic with the band.
Saturday, us girls spent the day walking around the property checking out the wedding site. It was beautiful! Gin Creek has added a little piece of Italy to south Georgia. The property is complete with vineyards, a pond, a pergola, gazebo and a massive tent. I dont like taking pictures during the ceremony of a wedding, BUT how do I show you how beautiful it was without a pic? I snapped a couple during the prayers!!! Sorry God!

 The sun had just set and the view was gorgeous
 Can you see the tent at the top of the hill?
  Now on to the PAR-TAY!
Happy Couple

 Mother & Father of the groom

 Wade & Kate cuttin' a rug

 We got a little crazy with the staff's hats
 This is for you girls.....Look who outlasted who in the "My Feet Hurt" Competition
 Wesley's tux came with the wrong size shoes...He said, "You know when you pack your luggage too full and you have to sit on it to zip it? Well thats what my feet feel like." I said, "Yes, honey I know!"
On our way home Sunday, I got to stop by Jenna's house to hold Jude. He is so tiny and sweet!

I am sad I have to wait until Thanksgiving to get my hands on him again. So happy for my friend!


  1. Loved your dress for the wedding! Such a beautiful place! Little Jude is precious!!

  2. Yay for family time! The wedding venue was gorgeous, you looked fantastic both nights (especially in the gray dress), and I am total jeal you got to see Carly. xoxo!