Wednesday, October 19

Superhero Birthday

This past weekend I traveled to Charlotte to help celebrate my nephew Brecken's 5th Birthday!
It was a superhero theme and Spiderman even came
The Bauer Family ready for the party
My sister made these cute capes for the kids to have

The kids got to make their own masks
Here is Jacks mask
I even got in on the fun
Brecken or Captain America was all smiles getting in the jumpy
How cute is he in his cape?
We wrapped boxes in craft paper and drew windows on them 
for the kids to stack and make their own city to knock down. 

 Superhero Snacks

Brecken loved the homemade cake his mom made
Then Spiderman came and shot his web on the kids

Gigi (mom) got caught kissing Spiderman

Who could be the Man behind the Mask?
POPPIE a.k.a. Dad
 and they lived happily ever after!

I had to get my picture with the superhero and my super nephews

oh and I just had to include this little guy...he finally got his city built 
and knocked it down all by cute!
It was a great party! I am so glad I got to attend.


  1. this might be the cutest thing I have ever seen...your dad is cracking me up!!!

  2. So cute!! All the kids look like they had a blast!!

  3. So Adorable!! If I throw Brian a Superhero Party for his Birthday next month, is your dad available ;-)