Thursday, February 16

Playing like Kids, Working like.....

A couple weekends ago my whole family came to visit us in Atlanta to see our new house. We were so excited to have everyone here and finally get to exchange christmas with my nephews. 
We got the boys McDonalds food and cash register. They loved it; took our orders all weekend!
Jack was thrilled to hug Poppi
We went to dinner at our favorite pizza place Fucco di Napoli and watched them making the pizzas.
Me and Gigi reading them books before bed.
Saturday we got up and went for a long walk around our new neighborhood. We stopped at the park and all played like little kids.
Wesley and Russ jumping off the swings

Russ doing a flip
Look who came to play....Reese!

We continued the playtime at home...maybe we like playing with these two guys a little too much.
Playing a little game of jump over my head!

Cornhole winner!
Swinging with Jack and Russ

So much playtime we needed to check Jack out to make sure he was okay
 We celebrated Russ' birthday Saturday with ribs and cake!

 I am loving my chalkboard wall
 And the best part was all of the help with so many projects!

 All the boys helped Dad put together my built-in for my laundry room.
Mom and I tried to tackle the yard

 Krissie and the boys washing my awning
 Chris making me a picnic table!
 Wesley & Dad repairing my wall
 Whew! I had a lot of hardworkers and I am so grateful!
Here we are on Sunday enjoying my new picnic table before everyone headed home.

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