Tuesday, June 26

What's Cooking?

With Pinterest around, it makes cooking a little easier. Instead of dragging out a big cookbook, writing down the ingredients, yada yada, now I just search for something on Pinterest and pull out my phone at the store to make sure I buy everything. Here are a couple of recipes we have tried lately.

This chicken casserole doesn't require a can of cream of chicken soup. This was delicious and I actually liked it better than the kind with the soup... and so did Wesley. This is a must try!

I pinned this a while back and when I finally went to the site to get the full recipe I found out it was from a sorority sister of mine from college. Pretty neat and really good! We both really liked adding a new veggie to our routine. I will be doing this again and trying out more of Betsy's recipes. 

I know another casserole, but hey I am from the south right? This was great! My first time making quinoa (I'm embarrassed to admit) and it was a hit! It says it is supposed to be low calorie too!
Hey a low calorie casserole....I am in! I did have to use a can of cream of something soup, but I might lighten it up next time a little more.

This said INSANELY delicious and easy so I gave it a try. Wesley said he liked it and would have it again. Me, not so much. I do think I like the cabbage baked in the foil packet, but the worcestershire sauce wasn't my have. I think a balsamic sauce with some feta would make this dish a success.   

NOT! I did not think this was the best broccoli. I don't think I will make this again.

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  1. I'm so bummed about the cabbage! It looked so delicious. Our winner recipe for this week was definitely the faux Chick-fil-A sauce. YUM!