Tuesday, June 12


I am so out of order with my updates, but you know thats just how my summer is...all over the place. 
I wanted to share with you just a couple of pictures from our Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, I know I am really behind! Wesley and I went to Lake Blackshear for Memorial Day to spend some time with both sides of our families. 
 Friday we were able to get out on the Hill's new boat and cruise for a bit before we cruised to Cypress that night to listen to Confederate Railroad..not the best entertainment around. I think the boat ride on the way over might have been more entertaining. 

 I even ran into my cousin Robert!
Saturday my family joined us at the lake for some boat time. Brecken & Jack love being behind the boat.
We got to meet up with Jill & Davis and do a little wake surfing. 
They even got me in the water for a try.
pic from Jill
 Sunday we headed upriver for a little lunch picnic on the boat. 

Sunday night my parents cooked a low country boil. 
And Brecken got to show us his first "weapon" a BB Gun. He showed us what he learned and shot the can in the tree every time!
And this is the boys favorite thing to do when they visit GiGi and Poppi...
and this is Uncle Wesley's favorite thing
Monday we headed back home for two days before we left again to go down to Port St. Joe for the wedding I talked about last week. Have I confused you yet? I am all out of whack!!

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  1. Wesley is become quite the natural holding two small kids at once ;-) He is a pro!