Monday, July 22

Home with Hampton

Hi friends, I am back! I decided to take a bit of a maternity leave. Everyone else gets to do it why not a stay at home mom too? Honestly I have been to busy staring, holding, and loving our new baby that I haven't thought about anything else. 


He was born at 5:39pm on May 22nd weighing 7lbs 7oz and measured 21"

It was love at first sight

Birth Story:
I went into the hospital Tuesday May 21st at 5:00pm as scheduled. We got checked in and they went ahead and started poking me with an IV and slapping all those beautiful bracelets on me. Wesley and I watched TV shows that night and besides the nurse coming in every 4 hours it was pretty normal.
On Wednesday morning at 6:00am they started me on a Pitocin drip. And do you know what happened after that?.....NOTHING!! I spent all day in the hospital room with no change or progress. 
At 12:00 my doctor came in and broke my water, and still no baby or any signs of a baby. At 5:00pm she came back and asked if I was ready to proceed with a C-section. 
And by 5:39pm Baby Hampton was here! 
We always knew if we had a boy we wanted to name him Hampton, we just liked it.  
His middle name Flynn is my dads middle name also. 
We spent two nights in the hospital and had lots of family come to visit.
 The first night I put him in the bed beside me and he held onto my finger the whole night. 

Our First Family Photos

 Hampton's first football...given to him by his great grandfather
 We dressed him in his going home outfit, the same outfit Wesley left the hospital in when he was born, and snapped some photos before heading home.

I just cant get enough of him. I cant believe today he is 2 months old! 

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  1. Congratulations, Hollie! What a stunning baby boy. How did you look so amazing in the hospital! You and your new family look terrific. Best wishes. xo Meredith