Wednesday, July 24

Night Time Favorites for Baby

1. SwaddleMe Swaddle Blankets- These blankets velcro and make swaddling a breeze. Hampton could get out of the blankets but has a hard time getting out of these. Also the velcro makes diaper changing easy during the night. 

2. Aden & Anais Muslin Blankets- These are lightweight and soft, and they come in cute patterns. Hampton loves these blankets! I put this over his bottom half at night, I just feel like you have to have a cover.

3. Noodle & Boo Products- I love how these soaps and lotions smell. I could just eat Hampton up after bath time. 

4. Sound Machine- We use this every night. I read somewhere to use it for the baby, but right now while he is still in our room we need it to help drown out all his grunts and noises. 

5. Puj Tub- This flexible tub fits perfect in the sink for when they are little. We used it without water for the sponge bath and then with water once his cord fell off. 

6. Snuggabunny Rock and Play Sleeper- This was the most important item we had once we brought Hampton home. I couldn't sleep the first night with him in his crib. We went out and got this the next day and I was able to sleep knowing he was snug and elevated. **At three weeks he decided he did not like this anymore so we moved on to the next item. It was still worth the money for those first couple of weeks. We still use it around the house. 

7. Snuggle Nest- I really like this bed because it still gives the baby some elevation. Also, when we travel we just carry this with us instead of a pack and play. I use this in his crib not in the bed with us. 

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