Monday, June 14

Antique Awesomeness

Friday Mom and I went to Scotts Antique Market, one of our favorite places to be. It comes to Atlanta every second weekend of every month. Rain or Shine, Snow or 96 degree heat! We found so many awesome things like....

How cute would this table be in between two chairs...look the sides pull out to just the right spot for some magazines.

LOVE these recovered chairs!

Mom walked away with this beauty...Longhorns

and I just had to get some of this fabric

How pretty is this vintage dress...Rehearsal Dinner anyone??

I want this hanging in my house...

these on my couch...

and this on my wall

This WILL BE mine actually

and how awesome is this stuff...

AND just for the fun of it....This brings a whole new meaning to "camel-toe"

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  1. Looks like a great trip to Scotts!! Loving the fabric!!