Tuesday, June 8


I have decided to start a new blog series that I will hopefully post once a week about and show all of you my favorite houses in Atlanta. Being a nanny, I ride on all of the "backroads" of the ATL and discover some of the most beautiful homes. I usually only have a 2 1/2 yr old with me so I never get to show anyone (she doesn't care yet, I do tell her though!)
This weeks house is on Nacoochee Drive- 2 houses down from my work - and has recently been renovated to sell. I love the cottage feel and if only Mr. Hill & I could stumble across that trust fund that I know is out there it would be ours!

But if you happen to have the $1.9 before we do, you are welcome to buy and I will come visit! : )


  1. Love, love, love this house!!! I need to win the lottery!

  2. Love this house! Saw it in Atl HOmes and Lifestyles. I am just below you in Griffin. Love your blog!

  3. Hi, stopping in for the first time. What a beautiful home. My sister lives in Georgia and loves the architecture of the homes in her state. She is especially partial to the homes in Savannah.