Thursday, June 24

Wedding Weekend

I know, I know you all are waiting for the wedding weekend recap. Well here it is...
Friday night the Rehearsal Dinner was at The Moores Mill Golf Club in Auburn, AL. So beautiful and here is the happy couple. Adam & Erin!

The boys received knives from Adam as groomsmen gifts. They were so excited!

That night we had to go visit Sky Bar and re-live our college days in the back room on the dance floor.
The Wedding was beautiful at First Baptist Opelika Church and of course Erin (as always) looked AMAZING! The bridesmaids wore navy short dresses and carried a bouquet of white flowers. It looked very crisp and clean.

Adam was the happiest groom I have ever seen. He loves her so much. SO MUCH that on their first dance she got him to do the Dirty Dancing dance. Yes, you read right, the whole thing even the lift. It was so awesome. I was hoping that someone would put it on youtube so I could include it, hence the thursday posting.

The rest of the night was one BIG party. So many young people, so much wine, and lots of dancing.

I am guessing this was "SHOUT"

Purple was the color of the night

We sent them off and now they are in Mexico! Congrats!!
It was a great wedding and I cant wait to see the rest of the professional pictures. (I'll let you know)

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