Thursday, June 3

Dear John,

Last night Wesley and I watched Dear John, I know a chick flick, but with all of our shows coming to a season end we needed something to watch. I begged for this movie and so glad I did. It was so good, Wesley even liked it! I cried out loud a couple of times and wanted to cry harder than I let myself, that Cry-Ball was just sitting right in the back of my throat the whole time. Channing Tatum isn't too bad to look at for 2 hours either. This is a must see!

It looks like we will be watching a lot of movies this summer.Do you have any good movies to put on our list?

1 comment:

  1. OMG, Did you know Channing Tatum is my new BF?

    I saw the movie and read the book. Book is TOTALLY different from the movie - you should read it!