Wednesday, August 4

Hamptons with the Hills

On Wednesday when Wesley go there we were all so happy to see him. He looked so cute driving up in our Impala we rented.

We celebrated his arrival with a bottle of wine on the beach before our lobster dinner.

Thursday we went to explore South Hampton together.

Did a little shopping at J. Mclaughlin and Wesley's new favorite swim trunk store Vilebrequin

This place looked so fun we had to go in for an afternoon drink & snack

Thursday night we went to a restaurant in Sag Harbor called Beacon. Jen & John went there earlier in the week and spotted Michael J Fox. We had no celeb sightings, but the food was amazing and the location was right on the water.

*The nice lady that took our pic couldn't get Wesleys whole head in.

When we came out of dinner we couldnt help but notice the cars surrounding the Impala.

We weren't quite ready to call it a night so we went by a wine store and bought the wine we both loved from dinner, it was a Rose from the Wolffer Winery in Sagaponack, NY, and headed to the beach!
We were the only people out there and it was a perfect way to end such a wonderful night.

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